Milky Way, a seen poem

“She wants me
to sit right here”,
says the birthday boy,
sitting cross-legged
down on the ground
his back leaning
on the legs and knees
of his mother
who is sitting on a chair.

The party is on…
And he sits right there,
next to his mom,
who keeps running her hand
through his hair
pats him on his cheek
and shoulders…

in joy, he turns
to look up
at his mom’s
loving eyes,
like a lily
the moon.

Had the guests
been celestials
they would have rained

As such
they watch in wonder,
For this
is one special birthday…

The mom,
Who had been just nineteen
when this boy was born,
is pure moonbeams, now,
a thousand full moons later,
beaming with him
As he turns eighty…


One Response to “Milky Way, a seen poem”

  1. GJV Prasad Says:

    It is
    the child
    the mother
    who creates


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