The Great Debate

Or so it was billed to be…

Biden vs Palin

And pundits had gone great lengths to decide strategies – how Biden has to be careful and not get women mad… The only way to win was not to win, or something to that effect… And Palin did herself no favors by that interview with CBS a week ago.

And so it was, today, halfway across the world, one could watch the Biden vs Palib debate, morning time…live…

Biden had a good strategy. He didn’t as much debate with Palin, as much as he battered McCain. It was McCain this, and McCain that… And Palin, while she did a comeback case for herself more than anything else, did pretty much seem like a daughter defending her dad, when she spoke of McCain…”My papa knows what is the right thing to do…”

She showed that she’s a good learner. A real trier. She could reel out names of countries and  leaders, that she may not  have known some weeks ago. She’s working at pronouncing the word “nuclear”. Overall, she survived the debate honorably. And she seemed glad at that.

There was one opening, I thought, which Biden gave, when Palin could have landed out a good hard jab. That was when he was quizzed about his perceived weakness of being ‘undisciplined’. He gave a “oh gimme a break” kind of answer …. “my record shows….and that’s the way I have been, I am, and I shall be. I dont see any reason to change…”… He said, in a rather brusque sort of way, that he saw no reason why he should change…

And I thought that he and Obama were all about ‘Change’…


NB: Another lil thing… If McCain does go on to win, America, perhaps for the first time in history, will have a VP who winks…


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  1. bala Says:

    well said. ” nucular” goes along with eyarq and eyeran. very popular pronounciations with the right ” gun toting moose hunting types

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