Humpty Dumpty sat on Wallstreet…

What does one say when the house crumbles upon you?

What institution do you trust, when you see the biggest and strongest of banks fold up like a pack of cards, and no one, no one, is unduly concerned about accepting guilt or about finding the guilty.

Where does one find hope, even as one shudders to pick up the morning newspaper, whose daily headlines, as one wag put it, says “You don’t want to know this…”…

And if you ignore the newspaper, you are woken up by a cell phone beep – a message from your bank that says – “Your deposits with our bank are safe. Your bank is well capitalized with good liquidity. Please do not listen to baseless rumors. Happy festive season,”

Did you hear that? Happy festive season, they say… Incredible!

(Picture Rome of old… and a message – “Dear citizens… Rome is safe… Happy fiddling – Yours sincerely, Nero).

There is something rotten in the state of governance worldwide.

Perhaps it is time to go back to the drawing board, do some basic thinking, and ask questions like “what is money?”

And I am not sure I would trust an economist or a banker anywhere near that drawing board. For they seem to have fixed the system against the citizen. That seems to be the DNA of its design. For it is abundantly clear that the foundations of the world’s financial superstructure is built with liquids…Its called liquidity…

Meanwhile, two intelligent persons in America are fighting an increasingly boring battle for the captaincy of a sinking ship. Thats the spirit. The farce must go on…

And in one corner of a country on the other side of the earth from America, I squint to read an article that says “How safe is your bank? A must read”.



2 Responses to “Humpty Dumpty sat on Wallstreet…”

  1. bala Says:


    Very nicely put “boring campaign to be the captain of a sinking ship”. The overall financial crisis is a result of a credit driven society, that lived well on money they didnt have in the first place. I see this a trend in India also and the fall will be a lot worse in India. I didnt realize that the SENSEX index fell by 50% since January of this year. What sort of impact has that had in India??

  2. gkamesh Says:


    The last line in my post answers your question.

    Right now, the FM and RBI Guvner etc are seen with a lot of bluster, which seems to be disappearing every day, rather like the body of the cheshire cat. They still seem to be grinning though.

    But of this I am sure. If there is one set of people who have no clue as to what is happening, it is the people who ought to.


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