A Friday in Kanchi – 2

24 – Oct – 08 contd…

The day happened to be the Jayanti celebrations of Kanchi Kamakshi.By the time I reached the temple (around 4:15 pm or so), there were large number of pilgrims who had already progressed. The Abhisheka ceremony had commenced in the sanctum-sanctorum, and the Acharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham had also come. A group of priests were chanting Veda suktams outside the sanctum – on one side. The space with a direct vie of the sanctum was packed with devotees who had arrived much ahead. Somehow, I managed to get a squeeze-view as well. It was wonderful seeing the abhisheka ceremony… The Acharya was also present, and the whole atmosphere was very elevating. After the completion of the Abhisheka here, the Acharya moved to the shrine of Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada outside.

After the Darshan, I walked along the long courtyard that surrounds the temple. Sharing a few pictures that I took as the evening settled to ink the sky and bring the curtains down….

The picture below is a view of the temple from across the temple tank.




A slightly different view, with the same basic backdrop, except for the Gopuram on the left of the picture – which is the entrance tower.




Signing off with a photo taken even as sky was turning from blue to black…



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