Another World Champion from India

The country noticed when Vishy Anand defeated Vladmir Kramnik, to retain the World Chess Championship.

The country broke into raptures when the Indian cricket team defeated the Aussies 2-0 in the Border-Gavaskar Test Series.

All this in the last couple of weeks.

Last week, not many in the country noticed, when another Indian set a world record.

Gagan Narang won the 10 M Air Rifle event in the shooting World Cup at Bangkok, scoring 703.5, thereby setting a new world record. This is the same event that Abhinav Bhindra won Gold in Beijing. Now Gagan is the World Champion in that event. While Abhinav did not participate in Bangkok, it is clear that there is not much difference between the two. Both are world champs. But Karma has given them different results! One won the Olympics, and became immortal. The other won the World Cup, set a new world record, and yet, hasnt found super prominence in the hall of Indian fame. Pity.

In Beijing, Gagan was quite unlucky not to have made it to the finals of the event.  He narrowly missed getting into the eight-man final of the 10m air rifle event as he finished ninth in qualifications despite tying for fifth place with four others at 595. The others moved up as Narang lost out on countback. Incidentally, Bindhra was 596 – just a point ahead of Gagan, and he went on to win Gold. And the sportsmen who won the silver and bronze in Beijing, finished 3rd and 4th respectively in the Bangkok world cup.

Sure feels good to see some Indian names figuring in the list of World Champions. Way to go! And here’s wishing that Gagan too becomes as rich and famous as Vishy, Abhinav, and MS Dhoni!



One Response to “Another World Champion from India”

  1. ghatotkacha Says:

    Thoughtful…and thought-provoking. As always!
    ‘Tis said today’s a world rather lame
    where all are entitled to 20 second’s fame
    Yet some great ones there are, who like immortal flame
    Inspire by their words and deeds
    So laying for the future, auspicious seeds
    Gagan Narang, indeed, is one such name

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