Tiru-anantha-puram tour – 1

Saturday, 15th, Nov…

Took the afternoon flight to Trivandrum – Tiruvananthapuram…

As we neared the destination, the aero view showed plush green landscape, lots of water bodies… Quite a contrast from the dry river beds and brown landscapes of the east coast. We landed sometime past 4 pm… The airport was pretty neat, compact… Not much of a crowd either… Driving out, one noticed that the roads were good… No hoardings stifling the sight… Passing the beach on the left, one noticed the setting sun, up above the sea… Welcome to west coast!

The place I visited first was in the technopark campus – not far from the airport. It was the corporate learning centre of tcs… The campus was pretty inviting… The tcs office complex looked nice… It was obvious that the architect understood the local themes, and the building blended nicely in the general landscape… Red-tiled sloping roofs… Quite a contrast to some of the other offices elsewhere, where some overseas architect comes and drops a star-wars kind of not-of-this-earth theme, that stands stark, like a robotic warrior from an alien planet.

Here’s a partial view of the office complex.


The white pillar like structure is a clock tower… The clocks too blended well with the Indian timeless ethos, showing some arbitrary time…

Here’s a pic of the area behind the building…


The walking path (above right) led up a small hill, to the another office building. It was a nice lil hike, with a good view of the lush green landscape.



Took a cab to the city… and along with an old friend, visited the most beautiful temple of Ananthapadmanabha Swami… Huge temple… Twilight time… Joined a queue of devotees … soon we had darshan… the magnificent idol of Vishnu – lying down in Yoga Nidra – on Adi Seshan… a lotus stalk rising from his navel… his right hand loose, fingers pointing down, to a siva linga… the idol was massive and majestic… The mystic face and the golden feet – both remain etched in my mind… peered at the Lord through the three portals – one each in front of the face, body, and feet, respectively…

                                   … To be contd …


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  1. Stephen Rowe Says:

    Sounds and looks like a beautiful place. The landscape is incredible, as is the architecture. I look forward to reading and viewing more.

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