tamaso maa jyotir gamaya – 6

Time is around 9 am or so… Dec 7th, 2008.

The Navaratri Mandapam is a large hall, where ceremonial deities of the day are being stored. At one end of the hall, around twenty knowers of Veda, are sitting in two rows…During every Karthigai festival, in Arunachaleshwara temple, Veda parayanam takes place. Groups of Vedic scholars assemble and chant the Veda, from 8:30 am to around 12:30 am, every day – a group each, for each Veda.

I take a short video on my lil camera… Have a look and hear Sri Rudram from Yajur Veda being chanted as krama parayana, in the Navaratri Mandapam…


In the middle of the hall, the Rishabha idol, the bull that bore the Lord, is parked…Munching a bunch of leaves…



And now, the mouse that Vinayaka rode on…



At one end of  the Navaratri Mandapa, the utsava moorthy (procession idols) of Lord Arunachaleshwara are parked – resting after the Rishabha Vahana procession…



And here’s a close up of the primary deities – the ones who rode the Rishabha in the procession… Annamalai, Unnamulai, and the little Skanda (top of whose crown can be seen in the middle, hidden in the dresses)…


As I sign off on the last day of 2008, here’s wishing all a happy 2009. Hope you had a look at the video in the beginning of this post.

Annamalai-kku Haro Hara!

                               – To be concluded –


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  1. bala Says:

    Saw video of the procession from Tirvannamalai on the 5th epiosde of Michael Wood’s Story of India. I remembered your pictures on the post.

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