Namakkal Hanuman

Nammakkal is an ancient city of Tamil Nadu… The name literally means “the stone of Nama”, after a 65 feet rocky-hill, Namagiri, that is at the centre of the city. Its a single rock, more than 65 metres high, and a km or more in circumference. The city is not far from Salem/Erode, and is a part of the ancient Kongu Nadu.

The name Namakkal immediately brings to mind ‘Namakkal Anjaneyar’ – the temple of Hanuman at Namakkal. The idol of Hanuman is 18 feet or so in height, and stands under open sky. Opposite to the Hanuman is a temple of Narasimha.

Friend of mine visited Namakkal Anjaneyar yesterday, and offered Vennai-Kaappu to Hanuman (anointing the idol with butter).

He sent this picture of Hanuman…

Bolo Siyavara Ramachandra ki Jai! Pavansuta Hanuman ki Jai!




8 Responses to “Namakkal Hanuman”

  1. Jayan Says:

    Hey, I ve been there long long ago. In fact 12 years backs. If i rightly remember, there is a fort also nearby, right?

  2. L Srini Says:

    Very nice picture

  3. bala Says:

    Just curious. How do they keep the “vennai” from melting in the open sky? Do they do the abhishekam early in the morning??

  4. gkamesh Says:


    in this case, the abhishekam was done late in the evening…

  5. HV Says:

    Vennai Kappu is not performed often. It will be done only in the evening. Since it is open to sky, after 4.00 or 5.00 PM they do abishekham so that the heat comes down. Then do Vennai Kappu. It will done after sunset and will be removed before 8.00 AM

  6. A Kongu Nadu, Kaveri Karai Kumbabishekam - 2 « athato Says:

    […] right against the Namagiri hill. The Anjaneya temple has the idol of Hanuman standing in the open ( to see picture, click here to see an earlier post), and is so designed that the Hanuman looks directly at the sanctum of […]

  7. BALAN Says:


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