The Big Screen

The Indian cinema theatre, quite like the IBM Mainframe computer, will never become obsolete.

During the recent music season, Chennai saw a new kind of movie… A Carnatic music concert, Margazhi Raagam, starring TM Krishna and Bombay Jayashree, and a cast of musicians who accompanied them, which included a lady from some western country playing the Tanpura.

And now comes the news that IPL cricket is likely to be shown live in cinema theaters.

“With T20 matches lasting close to three hours, the format is ideally suited for theatre-goers” , said superstar Lalit Modi of Midas touch.

Just imagine a Rajasthan Royals versus Kings XI Punjab… Watch cricket… And watch Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta as well…

Halla Bol!

Oye, Bara Barsi Khatan Gaya Si, khatak leyanda Kirkit!

Ki mai jhoot boleya?


5 Responses to “The Big Screen”

  1. bala Says:

    Kirkit matches with samosa and chai were standard fare in the San francisco bay area as early as the 90’s. A movie theater in Fremont showed all world cup games. To top that Komala Vilas a Sunnyvale eatery used to show world cup cricket all night followed by filter coffee and idly, vadai for breakfast.

  2. L Srini Says:

    Samosa and chai are real fine but what we need really is song and dance sequences. People can get up and stretch while art lovers can indulge in their stuff.

  3. bala Says:

    srini, you must be thinking of Rocky Horror picture show, a cult classic

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