Her Day

Today Barbie Doll turns 50! Wonder about the secret of her eternal youth!

There was a nice, humorous exchange of mails in my school alumni group, on ‘International Women’s Day’… Reminded me of the eternal comic Spy vs Spy….Here’s a cut-paste


She said:

Thanks for the good wishes on Women’s day πŸ™‚

Here in the US of A, due to day light savings time we are given only a 23 hour day for women’s day (except for Arizona – which really does not see itself as quite united with the other 49 states). So the one day that is apparently dedicated to half the world’s population is being shortchanged here! I demand my extra hour of limelight and so will not change my clock till tomorrow – except that almost all clocks and watches in our house is synchronized with the atomic clock in Colorado by my dear husband 😦

But more seriously the hue and cry is made because women are simply not given equal opportunity as men. So when you see a woman pilot or CEO you know almost by definition that she had to work against some serious odds. Of course, given some family pedigrees it is quite easy for certain women to become prez and I jokingly say I am waiting for a family dog to become prez too one day, and then us common people can start squabbling about its gender πŸ™‚

But even more seriously, women tend to suffer from low calcium and iron. So do your women a favour and make sure they eat well (Note I am not assuming you are not, so don’t bash me up on that πŸ™‚ .

A simple recipe for maintaining iron that suits S. Indians is to make dhaniya thogaiyal and store it in the fridge. A teaspoon of that a day gets pretty close to satisfying the iron requirement. Calcium you know – milk, thayir etc.

Happy day to all.

– She


He said:

I’m not at all sure about this as the Fe++ in the thogaiyal gets oxidized to Fe+++ during its probation in the fridge, The net effect of the oxidation is the woman, whose day it is, starts aging faster regardless of the thogaiyal in the diet.

Of course the other reason for aging may be the search that must be instituted everytime to recover the thogaiyal once it disappears into the maw of the fridge, given the hoarding instinct of the Eternal Woman, and the freezing instinct of the Modern Woman.

Naturally all these problems could be avoided if the fridge had a rotating tray aka Lazy Susan where you could place all the essential items of which a spoonful must be had every day by the Modern Woman. While it’s possible that a gigantic Lazy Susan may be needed for that, we take comfort in the fact that even the Modern Woman must start somewhere.

So in honor of Women’s Day, I propose that the Federal Government mandate a new standard whereby all fridges, other than the super small dorm fridges, come equipped with a Lazy Susan. Such Lazy Susan should carry a warranty which runs concurrently with that of the compressor of the fridge.

Happy Women’s Day,



She said:

Hmmmm, could this be an example of the many reasons why women have just 1 day allocated and men implicitly have 364. The device has long since been renamed as Lazy Harry. Susan got a job a while ago and has other things to do besides filling up and searching in maws of fridges πŸ™‚

– She


And so it goes! Jai Ho!


6 Responses to “Her Day”

  1. bala Says:

    funny stuff. I did not see this in our google group. I am sure you belong to many otehr alumni groups as well ( I am not sure how you qualify).

    I also see that you have joined the slumdog bandwagon. jai Ho!!!!

    • gkamesh Says:

      bala! ‘school alumni’ group is different from ‘class alumni’. This mail-exchage is a class apart! πŸ™‚

      also, S-Mill has as much patent over “Jai Ho” as a phrase as Kamal Hasan has over “Hey Ram!” or “Sound of Music” has over Do-re-me-fa-so-la…

  2. srikala Says:

    Modern men are increasingly looking for a female boss. Is there something sexy about it! I think women are simply more efficient, period.

  3. bala Says:


  4. DINESH Says:

    female bosses are dynamite and of course yes what ou say is right too.

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