The Nano was launched yesterday.

And that was the meat for the day for the media. They tore into it like a pack of wolves shredding a little lamb. They gushed, applauded, test-drove, speculated, complained…A nice day in office.

Ah yes, the complaints…

There were TV Channels that highlighted a whole set of negatives. Stuff life “Nano has top speed of only 105 kmph… Motor cycle machos will pass you with a smirk on their faces. Nano has only 15 litres fuel capacity, so dont take it on a longish drive. Nano has only one wiper, whereas the world knows you need two. Nano’s body is aluminium, and may collapse like a matchbox if hit… Nano’s seats are rexine, not leather. Nano has no handbrake. etc etc”.

It almost looked as if some forces were out to spoil the party!

Lame complaints these. You dont buy a one lakh car, asking for three lakhs car features. The features in the Nano fill a certain need. I guess it would be used for in-city driving, where one doesnt want to whiz around at 120 kph (so the speed limit is quite ok)…Let the motor bikers smirk (as if they have nothing else to do… Bikers overtake most cars on the road anyway)… 15 liters should enable one to do 300 kms or so… Which is fine… One should find a fuel station within that distance, I am sure. One wiper is ok too. The driver’s vision is what matters… The car body being weak – well thats a concern. But the car is being built with European safety standards in mind, so thats something to remember. Rexine seats? Is that a problem? Not for me. No handbrake – well, that should not be a car-stopper!

I would like to have a nano like car for sure. Good for short hops, easy to park – a no fuss car. My only worry is the quality of the first set of cars. Having been an early user of Indica and Indigo, I am apprehensive that I may be buying myself a position of a beta-tester. So, as for me, I am tempted to wait for just a bit, before I buy my little nano.



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  1. BM Karuppan Says:

    Congrats, gkamesh, for the cisply written and very pointed and sensible defence of Nano against the ‘offenders’. I wish to just make one comment: Nano has the potential to be commended as people’s choice, whether the people are personal conveyance buyers wanting to upgrade from motor bike to family car ownership, or just civic conscious commuters who do not any longer want to flaunt their hugely expensive mammoth moor chariots but fall in line opting for a new, roomy car, Nano, or Nano like, that will not tax fellow vehicle drivers who are obstructed by their atrociously outsized chariot.

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