A Kongu Nadu, Kaveri Karai Kumbabishekam – 3

9th April, 2009, early morning…

Time is around 4:30 am. We go to the temple, and walk down the steps to the Kaveri river. The massive river bed of Aganda Kaveri, has a flow that probably covers less than one fourth of the breadth. But there is  a steady flow. The moon is up. There are people already in the river. We walk gingerly into the waters… Old, disused idols have been carelessly thrown here and there in the river. The river bed is all small rock and stone, and the walking is difficult. Somehow, we manage to walk across to a place towards the middle of the flow, near some rocks… And there, we have a bath. This is heavenly. The chants from the temple yagyas can be heard in the distance. The pre-dawn sky and breeze is something else. People are standing waistdeep in the waters, doing Japa. And there, towards the eastern direction, is the portal of the temple, with the idol of Achaladeepeshwarar looking directly at the river. namchivaaya vaazhga!

After the bath, we make our way to the temple yagya. The main altar of Achaladeepeshwar is ablaze with the Sivachariar offering ‘aahuti’, to the accompaniment of the chant of the Mantra.



Another picture of the priests, carrying consecrated waters for the kumbabishekam



The first signs of dawn is seen… Nature is at its beautiful best…



Walking around the temple, one sees many shrines. Here is a shrine that says “Sadasiva Brahmendra Paduka” shrine.


I am told that the Padukas in this shrine are those of the Sri Sachidananda Siva Abhinava Narasimha Bharati Mahaswamigal, who graced this world as the Jagadguru of Sringeri from 1879 to 1912.  (To know more about the Acharya, click here).

These Padukas were given by the Jagadguru to one his disciples of Mohanur, whose name was Sadasiva. This disciple had these Padukas installed in the shrine here, made arrangements for daily worship, and endowed the temple with some lands, the income of which was to be used for this shrine. This background about the Sadasiva Brahmendra shrine in the Achaladeepeshwara temple was told to me by Sri Natarajan, an elderly gentleman, native of Mohanur. He said that, somehow, in time, people have forgotten that the Padukas are of Narsimha Bharati swamigal…


Time is around 8 am. The Sun is up. Here is a picture of the scene nearby the temple. Kaveri is seen in the background.



The Shivacharyas have gathered inside the temple, and are waiting….The auspicious time for kumbabishekam is coming up.



                     *** To be contd ***


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4 Responses to “A Kongu Nadu, Kaveri Karai Kumbabishekam – 3”

  1. L Srini Says:

    Nice pic’s. The cow pic is the best 🙂

  2. GJV Prasad Says:

    i know, really enjoyed the pic and the series itself
    the pics make the place and the event so picturesque and romantic that one forgets the hard work it must involve

  3. ooraan Says:

    Hi Srini,
    Thanks Folk for the detailed story about mohanur ( my native) and namakkal . Really you have done a great job. I got the invi from umapathi kurukkal but I couldn’t make it. So I was feeling bad that I missed kumbabishakem. Now I’m happy that I can see some the great pic. Good job buddy. Since you talked about Padukas, It’ll be great if you can mention couple of stories, 1st One is about the story of secret way/path, the milk (olden days)/water (now days) that mix with cavery river. The another one is sthala vriksha of the temple If don’t know then I’ll write more abt it.
    Good luck and have a nice day

  4. gkamesh Says:

    tx ooran. do write. best rgds

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