Tristhal Yatra: Day1 @ Kashi

April 25th, 2009.  Delhi airport. Flight to Kashi a.k.a Varanasi a.k.a Banares delayed. Time stretches and invites conversation with strangers. I get talking to a young man who is on his way to Allahabad a.k.a Prayag. He is from Mumbai… Talking of Kashi he tells me: “I had no time for faith and such and used to be quite dismissive of all the hooh-had about Banares etc. But I liked to sometimes sit on the steps of Manikarnika Ghat and see the twilight set in… One day, on a spur, I walked down the steps, and had a good dip in the Ganga. And when I stepped out, I had a strange feeling…quite exhilerating… I felt as if a great load had taken off my shoulders… It was incredible…”…


Flight landed in Kashi sometime around noon.  The airport is outside the city proper, in a nice landscape of green fields… Took a cab to the city, to old Banares, Hanuman Ghat… Got off the cab, and walked into a narrow lane… Someone asked me to “beware, Vishwanth-ji is coming”, and pulled me to one side… A massive bull walked past me… Representative of Nandi, the bull of Siva…



Whew, that was close…

The bull sauntered past, down the street, which was actually narrower than what the picture below suggests… What you see is not what I got…


Took a rickshaw and went to my place of stay, somewhere near Narada Ghat. After some eats at a Dhabha, headed for the river…

Here’s the first view I got of Ganga, from the lane near my place of stay.



The Lord up high had turned on the heat… As I walked towards the river ghat along with my rickshaw-wala, a local person seeing me  bareheaded, scolded the rickshaw-wala. He was right. Most local folks carried an upper-cloth called ‘Gamcha’ that they rolled up as a turban on their head…

Lost no time in hiring a boat and head into the Ganges…

Here’s the rickshwaw-man with his Gamcha, and the boatman without…



Went to the other side of the river… Got down at a safe spot, and had a nice long dip. I love rivers, and revere the Ganga. This was special…

Got back onto the boat and took a snap of the Ghat landscape…



Got back to land, somewhere near the Narad Ghat… It was indeed a refreshing bath… For all creatures, great and small…


**** To be contd ****


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9 Responses to “Tristhal Yatra: Day1 @ Kashi”

  1. l srini Says:

    Nice pic’s; nice write-up.


    Camp Toronto (alternate home of the True Guru)

  2. gkamesh Says:

    ik onkaar satnaam!

  3. Padma Ramakrishnan Says:

    Kamesh, You writing is so unobtrusive, yet the message is striking. It is a joy to read. You are a gifted communicator.

  4. gkamesh Says:

    thanks padma… you made my day!

  5. Dr. Kaveri Vishwanathan Says:

    Hi Kamesh,
    The pictures are nostalgic and pulling. Vishwanathji is behaving like gayya in front of mayya.
    The nayya, navik & ganga mayya …. beautiful pics. I am planning to go to banaras in December.

    Waiting for more pictures & your nice commentry.

  6. gkamesh Says:

    Hey thanks Kaveri!

    December would be a nice time to go! Be sure to spend at least a week if you can. And adopt a cycle rickshaw for that period. They are not expensive and quite the best way to move in Kashi. And they are all simple, pure-heart folks out there… Not for nothing is it the heart of hindustan!

    Best Wishes

  7. Joseph Says:

    You are a modern version of narada muni – traveling incessantly to holy places. I only wish that like him you also put in a dash of philosophy, not just feelings, associated with these places ( if u dont mind me saying so)

  8. gkamesh Says:

    Holy Joe!

    Great hearing from you… kashi… maha-shmashaana bhoomi… the crematorium par excellence… philosophy flows as Ganges…


  9. bala Says:

    nice articles Kamesh,

    Brings back memories of my visit almost 35 years ago..

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