Tristhal Yatra: Day2 @ Prayag – Part 2

The programme for the day is to do shraaddha, offerings for the forefathers… Some rituals to start off at the priests house, and then to proceed to the confluence of rivers Sangam, and then to come back for more ceremonies to the priests house…

Several families have gathered, and the rites go on in parallel…


Here’s borrowing from RK’s notes…

Quote: “First came the elaborate sankalpam for the Triveni Sangam snanam and Veni-danam — one could see that the entire procedure was being very professionally and efficiently handled with a network of priests, boatmen, guides and support staff.  The rituals included the regular tarpanam, symbolic mundanam and also some which were quite unusual like the Veni-danam-related rituals of the husband plaiting the wife’s hair and snipping off a bit of it for offering to the sacred waters.  The chief priest explained everything so well that it was easy to raise one’s mind beyond the mechanics of the rituals…” Unquote

Concluding the preliminaries, we set off  for the river rites…



We set off in from the banks of river Yamuna… and ahead we can see the waters of Ganga… different shade of river green… Yamuna is darker…

The rivers are majestic…



At the confluence of the rivers, an island of sand welcomes us… Pilgrims and priests are gathered there… Getting off there, we begin the rituals that need to be done at the sangam…



The priest is a North Indian, but can speak smatterings of most languages of India… He speaks in semi Tamil, and is quite ok, as he conducts the rituals… Of a nice disposition, he sets up a good mood…

Sun is beating down hard… Temperature is around 45 deg celcius… No invitation needed for stepping into the sangam… This is heaven…



The rest of the day is best expressed by RK:


“Upon return to the Math, the shraddham was done elaborately and along with it all the related prayers.  The chants and rituals were the best part of the day and since they cannot be explained or elaborated here because of their subtlety and the scholarship needed to do so, one can only write about the cosmetics and mechanics of things, for the rest has to be experienced by oneself.  Most gratifying was that much of it was done before a large picture of Acharyal pouring His Incomparable Grace upon us.

TheVeni-Madhava temple visit that followed was important as He is the presiding Deity of the place and the rituals.  It was a small temple with the Lord decked in typical north Indian style which takes a little getting used to because the first impression is of the Deity being dolled up, but with practice the mind is able to appreciate and feel the Spirit beneath the surface. All this revealed to me that my bhakti is so lacking that, in a different atmosphere, raising the mind is an effort and a process while for the Mahatmas, absorption is spontaneous, and bringing the mind down is an effort and a process!

From there came the long drive to the Vindhyavasini Temple, which is one of the 51 Shakti-peethas. Kameshwar and I began the Lalitha Sahasranamam somewhere along the drive and it was indeed thrilling that through the huge crowds and queues, the last verse and the conclusion was chanted in the sanctum sanctorum right in front of the Mother where the main priest joined in.  The walk to the temple was the most colourful walk of my life — shops filled with crazy oranges, reds and yellows with lots of gold razzle-dazzle all over — on both sides.  These walks to the temples were deeply symbolic to me of the need to walk past and beyond all the pulls of matter to be able to reach Divinity.  Day Two concluded thus under the Kindly Feet of the Mother, and the rest of the drive home and supper is not remembered.” Unquote

*** To be continued ***


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