The Compaq cup final innings was a beauty! Truly, he’s the master!

When he cramped at end, and took a runner, the commentator mentioned that this is the first time he has taken a runner in his entire career! Incredible!

Anyways…. here’s a cut-paste of a comment I found, in response to a CRICINFO article about this innings of sachin… Click here to see the article...

And now the comment… Here it is…

Posted by PatDurbs on (September 15 2009, 06:36 AM GMT)

Sachin – a true superstar! A spiritual man with a deep sense of compassion and empathy, and also the greatest batsman of all time to boot. During the recent IPLT20 tournament in South Africa, I called him and asked if he would be prepared to meet with my son, who was recovering from cancer and is a great Sachin fan. Without hesitation he agreed, and made time in his obviously busy schedule to meet us. It is far more important and rewarding to be a complete human being than just to be famous or talented – but the complete package??? Stupendous!! Thank you Sachin for all the joy you bring to the countless millions all over the globe, and I hope you have all the joy and peace that they all wish for you also.




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  1. bala Says:

    I watched the highlights on U-tube. Classy innings. The extra cover drive either of the front foot or the back foot, just get your lef foot across, the bat comes down, not a lot of follow through, just classy.. And classy guy to boot..

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