Golden Sun

Couple of weeks ago, I had visited Kanchipuram.

In the evening, as I was walking in the Kamakshi Amman temple praakaaram, looking across from the other side of the temple tank, I was lucky to see the Sun reflecting golden, on the temple walls…. More golden than the two real gold gopurams (temple towers) behind… It was quite breathtaking.

Here’s a pic that I took of that, in my little cell phone camera… Click on the picture to see it better…  I think it would make a nice wallpaper for the computer…




2 Responses to “Golden Sun”

  1. perplexed Says:

    wow.. its beautiful! I didn’t notice the real gold gopurams until I read the text!!

  2. Shival Says:

    Very nice picture, Kameshji. Reminds me my visit to Kanchipuram and I distinctly remember the spot from which you took this picture. We spent almost whole afternoon under the big tree nearby the spot. Thanks for posting this pic. 🙂

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