My morning mentor

Some pictures from some time ago… Maybe an year ago…

Early morning, sometime around 6 am, I go up to the terrace of my house… My house faces east, and the Sun is peeping out, some degrees to the right, and is going a bit more right every morning… The season of Dakshinayana… Feels good knowing the course of the Sun by keeping in touch with the morning sky, rather than a pancangam… My good friend “S” says that I am enjoying the perks that was reserved for Rshis! Well… The morning sky charges no money… One and all can enjoy it for free…

Here’s a pic of how it was that morning.



Some surya namaskar, some other exercises, some pranayama… Life is good… And then, I turn around to my morning mentor, the Tulasi plant… Early morning is when she is at her prettiest… Twinkling with dew… This lady here is on a flower pot whose mud includes the sacred sands of Brindavana, and the Gita Upadesha Sthala of Kurukshetra…

I notice that she has a visitor. A dry twig like insect is hanging on to one of the little branches (marked by a red arrow on the pic below)…



Here’s another pic of the insect… Closer up… How well camouflaged is its form… Just blends with the foliage… A messenger from Krishna to Tulasi… Enjoying a dimension not accessible to the human senses…



This is one special Tulasi plant.

We planted it some seven years ago… God google opines that a typical tulasi plant lifespan is a few months… Maybe this plant is a special species… She is a real senior person … I do know that some rodents wanted to chew her to the bone when she was a baby… She survived all that… And is now a graceful, ageing, green, little Goddess in my terrace.

Here she is…



A week or so back, she left this world.

One morning, she just stood there – all bone. She has done this once before, and I had prayed fervently and poured holy water (the waters that have bathed the Shalagrama icons), and much to my joy, she had revived the next day, sprouting little leaves of green…

I tried that again. But no. Not this time. The next morning, the message was clear. That Tulasi was no more in this world.

Few months ago, on Varalakshmi  Vratam Nombu day, she too had been tied with a yellow thread that was first kept on a Krishna icon…  Now, that thread remained on the dry plant… Its yellow gone…. Krishna had taken Tulasi away, to Goloka…

This sankata caturti day, my gardener Karna came and planted a new Tulasi… And this youngster was straightaway attacked by rodents at night… I take it as a good omen… Ganesha has visited…

Thank you Tulasi! Saashtaanga namaskara to you, my morning mentor!


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  1. Padmini Says:

    Lovely write up Kamesh. Sad to hear about the 7-year old’s passing. [Your terrace sounds idyllic.] Coincidentally I bought my first tulasi plant a month ago – it is not looking too happy. I think it feels I pay more attention to my 1 Jasmine plant. I have to figure out how to convince tulasi otherwise. 🙂 – Padmini

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Thanks Padmini. Best luck with your garden!

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