Me first book of pomes

“A poem is a little machine for remembering itself” – Don Paterson.

“Perhaps no person can be a poet or can even enjoy poetry without a certain unsoundness of mind” — Thomas Babington Macaulay.


Come, lets log in to this ‘unsoundness of mind’…

There was a time when I used to walk around everywhere with a certain book of poems in my hand.

Titled “I’m a stranger here myself”, it was a collection of poems written by Alden Nowlan, a Canadian poet. I liked his poems so much that I issued an ‘all-points bulletin’ to look out for any or all of his books. And some of my friends from his part of the world, empathized with this unsoundness of mine, managed to hunt high and low, and got me many of his books. All this was a journey of over two decades! How does that sound?

There are many other poets that I like too, but Nowlan was the one who struck a match in my wayward mind, illumining it’s penchant for unsoundness!

And I think the genie escaped the bottle when the new millennium popped up.

And since then, I have tried to make many “a small machine attempting to remember itself”, and the unsoundness made me call these machines as “pomes”…

And now,  a collection of these machines, “me first book of pomes”, has been published.

The book is titled “Seahorse in the sky”.

If you like the unsound of it, and are cranky enough to wonder about (and think of laying your hands on) “me first book”, then click here to take you to the book’s page in the publisher’s website

And just in case you are wondering what a software engineer has to do with poetry, remember the WordPress motto – “Code is Poetry”!

Giddyap now!


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7 Responses to “Me first book of pomes”

  1. Shival Says:

    Many many congratulations right from the “Golden Sun” Heart for “Seahorse in the sky”. :).

    And let me tell you, your deepavali wish expressed in your email is THE BEST WISH I EVER received. Many thanks, Sir :). And wish you the same.

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Shival ji. Arunachala!

  3. ambika ananth Says:

    Hello Kameshwar, Hearty Congratulations. I am sure many of your wonderful esoteric, exoteric experiences have got distilled into your poetry. Eager to read the book…best regards, ambika ananth

  4. Sunil Malhotra Says:

    Hi Kamesh,

    Great … I saw the teaser ‘pome’ on WritersWorkshop. Loved it. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy – and an autographed one at that.


  5. Malathi Says:

    Hi Kamesh,

    I have ordered a copy , can you autograph it before it is mailed??

  6. gkamesh Says:

    Hello Malathi

    Consider it done

    best wishes

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