Srirangapatna picture post – Part 2


Welcome to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Srirangapatna!


Ok, lets take a short photo tour of this beautiful sanctuary.  In the picture above, you would see a notice-board on the far right. That contains a nice message for mankind. Hold on for a short while. We’ll come back to it later…

This day that we visited the sanctuary, they had just reopened the boating facility, which had been suspended for a month or so due to heavy rains. So this was  the first day that boats were plying into the river here… We hired a boat to ourselves, and were soon on our way.

And now, picture this….

Wasn’t that beautiful!


Soon, we were some distance down the river. All around us, were marshes, trees, and birds… Every branch of every tree, a special perch for a special bird…


Up on top of the trees, surveying their paradise on earth, the birds looked around….


One more view… The dry leaves of some trees reflected a nice gold-rust color as the Sun shone gently…


Was it all birds?

No! Here, basking in the sun, is a marsh crocodile! Croc color camouflaging well on the rock-perch! Can you spot the croc?


Ok! Hold on.. Here’s a close up of the croc. On the rocks!


Coming back to the birds…

Couple of close-ups… One..


And two….


Ok! That was a quick photo tour! Hope you liked it.

Now, here’s a close-up of the  notice-board at the entrance of the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary… Its a quote from the renowned ornithologist, Dr Salim Ali. the ‘Birdman of India’!… Savor it…



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  1. rajagopal sukumar Says:

    Nice pics Kamesh. Loved the birds. The croc is very well camouflaged. Took me a while to figure out.

  2. gkamesh Says:

    Thanks Sukumar!

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