Yagya at a Sai Ashrama – A picture post

Jai Sai Ram! Jai Maruti! Jai Maruti!

There is this lovely temple of Shirdi Sai at a place away from the humdrum of metro life. Drive out from Chennai, get onto the Kolkata highway, and somewhere turn towards Tiruvelloor… Past Redhills… Next to some extensive electricty towers / substation, is this Ashram. With the dome and central temple in the shape of a Shivalinga. Its the Sri Sai Darshan temple… Click here to go the website.

Today, 26-12-09 is the final day of Maharudram and Chandi Yagya being held there.


Priests specializing in the intricate rituals associated with Devi Upaasana and Chandi Homa are conducting the holy ceremony. The smoke is pleasant and spreads sanctity…


The yagya has been going on for the last six days or so. Five  hours or so, every day – from morning 7 am to past noon. Followed by Parayana in the evening.

Today is the last day. Time is past 11 am, and the rituals are coming to their fruition. Guru Maa comes carrying the Purnahuti offering…


The Purnahuti offering is shaped as an icon of Goddess… Dressed in beautiful colors…


There She is… The Goddess, settled now, comfartably in the Homa-kunda fire…


Accompanied to the sacred chant of Chandi Paatha, oblations are offered into the fire. The Goddess is now all fire…


Guru Maa comes with a flower offering…


With the completion of Purnahuti, Maa and all the devotees go across to the main temple of Shirdi Sai.  Holy idol of Baba is dressed in blue… The hall is packed with devotees… Abhisheka is to be offered to Baba…


After abhisheka of Baba… Avabhrutha Snana… The pouring of consecrated waters on Maa…


Devotees partake the Abhisheka waters… Hundreds of devotees… Lots and lots of folks from nearby rural areas… All looking a picture of happiness, they proceed to take Annadaan Prasad….

Jai Sai Ram! Jai Maruti! Jai Maruti!


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2 Responses to “Yagya at a Sai Ashrama – A picture post”

  1. Jayanthi Says:


    Thanks for enabling me to have a darshan of the havan.Gurumaa is very close to us and on her advise we started sai bhajan every thursday in a devotee’s place in our block.It continues till date without any break.Since my neighbors are away to attend this havan it was held at my place the day before.I was able see them in the backdrop in snaps sent .They so wanted me to come with them.Look I did get to see the poornaahuthi.
    Thank you Kamesh.

    Jai Maruthi Jai Maruthi


  2. Dasarathy Says:

    Dear Kamesh:

    Thanks for sharing this experience ! For somebody normally unaffected by such rituals, I was touched by the experience


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