Juggled into some news!

Click here to read an article in today’s Hindu Metro Plus

Happy Republic Day!


2 Responses to “Juggling”

  1. Sunil Malhotra Says:

    Way to go Kamesh! It must have been so difficult for the journalist to capture your multiple facets. He has just about scratched the surface and see how much he got. Am very happy for you and proud too …

  2. G.L.N.Murhty Says:

    Dear sir, thank u for ur post.It is really interesting to know about the many faceted personality of ur self.Hope u will excell one day like Leonardo da vinci.It is of great interest that u have chosen to tell stories from Mahabharatha.The saying goes ” That which is there elsewhjere is found in Mahabharatha and that which is not there in Mahabharatha cannot be found elsewhere.An encyclopeadic knowledge.Great work.carry on.Best wishes for a better future.-Murhty

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