The Cricket Ads Menace

Ads, ads everywhere and not a ball to blink.

I have had it with the cricket tv channels.  They are spoiling cricket with their as-many-ads-as-squeezable strategy.

I would like to suggest a code of conduct for TV channels…

– No ads when an over is in progress, unless the play is halted for some reason.

– If at all ads are to be shown during the course of an over, mandate that the ad picture occupies no more than 5% of the screen, in one corner.

– The cricket screen-window size should not change when an over is in progress. (Sudden shrinking of screen to accommodate ads is a real pain. It forces viewers to adjust their eyes to block out the ad part of the screen… And when you do it over after over, you can imagine the strain that will be caused to the eyes… and to the viewers attention).

– After a wicket, ads can commence only after at least one Replay is shown.

– During the over and especially during Replays, animation / banner ads should not be allowed.

– Ads between overs is fine, so long as they do not cut into the run up of the first ball bowled in the ensuing over.

– Ads between overs is fine, so long as they do not commence until the last ball of the over is complete (with the ball dead).

– Ads between overs is fine so long as they allow for replays in case the last ball of the over was a wicket ball / boundary hit/ catch-missed, or any such must-replay balls.

Any other thoughts?

With IPL round the corner, its high time the cricket viewer is given a fair deal.


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5 Responses to “The Cricket Ads Menace”

  1. rajagopal sukumar Says:

    Good one. It is getting quite irritating. One way would be to stop watching cricket. If the TRPs drop they will be forced to make changes. Don’t know if that is possible in this cricket crazy nation 🙂

  2. G.L.N.Murhty Says:

    Dear Sir, I agree with ur suggestions for the cricket match ads.I would like to add two more suggestions 1 i.e the ads should be given some time limit during lunch break and tea break or refreshments breakor during the fall of wickets when a new batsman walks in.2.the umpires should be given training to show a gesture, like calling” third empire” for critical decisions,to showq ads and then they should give signal to stop ads when the game is resumed-Murthy

  3. nr Says:

    i dont watch kirikku-ettu but i have a solution. Since u just might be able to implement it here it is.

    The cricket feed should be compressed about 6 – 8% vertically leaving this space below the frame which the ads can take up. This way your frame is untouched – whole & uncluttered and ads can go on & on. The broadcasters can make more money!!

  4. Shival Says:

    And even after these great suggestions, if they don’t accept, how about switching it to good old radio? I still remember the commentary of Ravi Chaturvedi…” to aaie, hum aapko ke chalate hai Vankhede staduim.. Aap ka kya khayal hai, Lalaji, Bharat to toss jitane ke baad balle-baazi karani chahie ya gend-baazi?” 😀

    • gkamesh Says:

      At least the ads didnt interrupt the commentary. BBC had some great commentators – Brian Johnston jumps to mind… Used to be such a joy listening to him… And India had some fine commentators too…Anyone remember Devraj Puri? He was Narottam Puri’s father. In hockey, who could compare with Jasdev Singh?

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