A Ganga Snaan

As good fortune would have it, one was in Delhi during the long weekend of Easter Friday. And on Saturday, one took off for Gad Ganga, the nearest point of Ganga to Delhi. This is at Garhmukteshwar, some two to three hours from Delhi. Started around 6:30 am. Driving past Noida, Hapur, one reached Brij Ghat of Ganga sometime around 9 am. Saturday Apr 3rd..

This is the time of Maha Kumbha Mela in the banks of the river Ganga, celebrated at Haridvar.  The festival commenced on Jan 14th 2010 and goes on to 28 April, 2010…

There was not much crowd in Gad Ganga though… One could park the car right near the ghat. The river beckoned…

Oh what joy being in the presence of timeless Ganga!

Taking a boat, one starts off for the other side of the river…


Shankara Bhagavatpada says in Gangashtakam:

आदावादिपितामहस्य नियमव्यापारपात्रे जलम्
पश्चात्पन्नगशायिनो भगवतः पादोदकं पावनम्
भूयः शम्भुजटाविभूषणमणिजह्नोरमहर्षेरियम्
कन्या कल्मषनाशिनी भगवती भागीरथी पातु माम्

‘In the beginning, starting as the water of ceremonial worship in the vessel of Brahma, the grand-sire;  Thereafter, becoming the most holy and pure of waters having touched the feet of Narayana, who reclines on the great serpent; And then after that, becoming an ornament  adorning the matted locks of Shiva: May Ganga, this daughter of Maharshi Janhu, the destroyer of the dirt of Kali Yuga, ever protect me…’

Joining this prayer, one dips into the Ganga… The all-cleansing mighty river flows gently… Time is forgotten, all cares are forgotten… Space alone remains… And all space is pervaded by Ganga…

Standing in the Ganges, hands folded, chanting Sri Rudram… How can one describe the joy…


An hour or so later, reluctantly, one gets back to the boat, to return to the world of transactions…


Signing off the post with a few verses from Mahabharata:

पुनाति कीर्तिता पापं द्रष्टा भद्रं प्रयच्छति
अवगाढा च पीता च पुनात्यासप्तमं कुलम्

यत्र गङ्गा महाराज स देशस्तत् तपोवनम्
सिद्धिक्षेत्रं च तज्ज्ञेयं गङ्गातीरसमाश्रितम्

Pulastya tells Yudhisttira:

“By praising Ganga, one is cleansed of all stain. By seeing Ganga, one is bestowed with all that is auspicious. By immersing oneself in Ganga, and drinking the waters of Ganga, seven generations of one’s lineage is purified.

Where Ganga flows, O King, that region is indeed a tapovana, a land of sacred merit. And know, that the banks of Ganga is the land of Siddhi, where one attains all success in one’s spiritual effort.


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8 Responses to “A Ganga Snaan”

  1. Jayan Says:

    Wow.. I envy you..

  2. RS Says:

    You have really taken us thru a virtual ganga snan. I do not have the yogyadha to term you as Bharanidhran in yet another format.

    Keep posting constantly like this.

    Thanks a lot

  3. bala Says:

    you look at peace and very relaxed in the pictures. Nice post

  4. GLN Murthy Says:

    Dear Kameshji,what a nice prelude u have provided for my “Mahakumbh” yatra” on 14th@ Haridwar.I opened my lap top while thinking what to do next at Haridwar(ATHATHO..),exactly 24 hrs before boarding Rajadhani Express to Delhi, then flowed the great purifier GANGA as if ordered by the great Rishi Bhagiratha(in thiscase as one of our friends commented above it is Apara Bhagiratha i.e fromG.Kamesh)on my screen.Not only u brought us ganga but u have delved deep in to jnana Ganga and brought us a couple of Mouktikas(pearls).One from the Mahabharahta and the other from the greatest intelectual India has ever produced Sri Adishankaracharya.Thanks for giving us these pearls.I agree with u that u will not get anything in to ur mind when u take a dip in Ganga except every thing looks as space alone.This was my experience too @KaashiSri Kavyakantha vaashishsta Ganapathimuni compared his great work “Sri Ramana Geethaa” to GANGA “Sri RAMANAMAHARSHI ” to great Himalayas his own poetry to the Path of Ganga(Tripatha)and the hearts of Bhaktas as the Ocean,the final destination of any river.Thanks for the above slokas u have presented us-Murthy

  5. ramey Says:


    good post…it was great to be with you in this journey…

    was this not the place where Bhishma pitamah took birth…

  6. Chitra Nayak Says:

    This is a wonderful blog. I was searching for Siva temples in Madurai and hit upon this blog. Great work. Interesting trips. I blog on temples , when you find time please do visit.

  7. manchitra Says:

    Kamesh Sir ,
    I saw your comment on my blog. I am following you . Your blogs are really a source of great information. The quotes you give are wonderful. I have written one more blog on Vittobha , ( February post)Kochi temple. I am sure you would enjoy reading it.

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