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Few weeks ago, on Shankara Jayanthi day, happened to visit SCSVMV University at Kanchipuram. A massive statue of Adi Shankara adorns the campus…


On  Buddha Jayanti day, walking in the campus of Theosophical Society (TS), Chennai. At the heart of the campus is a small, beautiful Buddha shrine. In front of the shrine is a lotus pond. And on the other side of the lotus pond is a Peepal tree – planted more than fifty years ago… Planted from a sapling taken from the Bodhi Tree, the tree in Bodh Gaya, associated with Buddha’s Nirvana… Here is the tree in TS… The little white Buddha shrine can be seen in the background…


Walking down the campus, one comes across a cluster of trees, which is home to hundreds of bats… Large bats… Here’s a view…


And here’s the famous Adyar Banyan tree… Whose branches spread over 50,000 sq feet…


And not least… The ‘sudden blossom’…. Peeped out of the foliage floor of the Adyar Banyan tree…. Few days ago… For more on the flower, click here for an earlier post


Ah yes, thats the football lily, a.k.a Powder puff lily, a.k.a globe lily… A flower that blossoms once a year, all of a sudden, for a week or so, and vanishes thereafter… Here’s a closeup.



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  1. GLN Murthy Says:

    Dear Kameshji,thank u for the psoting.It si nice to see such rare flowers.It si nice to see TS Adayar Where Sri Jiddu Krishnamurhty gaaru and Lead better moved and found themselves one with nature.I am glad that u are also a great lover of the Nature-Murthy

  2. Adelina Srinivasan Says:

    great shots indeed. I have visited Kanchipuram in 2007 and was bewildered by the temples around…

  3. Sudheer Says:

    Kamesh, great pictures, along with the narrative it is almost like being there. Thanks

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