Making of Hanuman – 2

Readers may recall my earlier post on the commencement of carving of the idol of Hanuman, for a temple planned at Alangudi. Please click here to see that post.

Here’s a follow up.

Yesterday (Sunday 31. Oct), got a call from Krishna, a relative of mine, asking me if I would like to come to a homam being done at Nanganallur, connected with the Sanjivani Hanuman being made for Alangudi. Circumstances quickly favored this, and we found ourselves in Nanganallur just before noon. First, at the temple of Aadhi-Vyaadi-Hara Anjaneya. Had a great darshan. A Sita-Rama Kalyana utsava was concluding around that time. After Pradakshina, got some great Ven-Pongal Prasadam, and we were set for the day.

We walked across to a Mantapa, named Parimala Bhavan, if I am not mistaken. In the first floor, a yagya was in progress.

Led by Brahmashree Dinakara Sharma of Kumbakonam, a group of Vaidikas were performing the Yagya. This has been on for five days, and this day was the concluding one.The function was for energizing the Yantras that had been made for the temple planned at Alangudi. The Yantra included the one for the main Hanuman idol, and for the idols of Rama, Lakshmi Nrsimha. In addition, Prana-pratishtta was being done also for a pair of Rama-paduka. The process included the Yagya and Moola-mantra japa. These group of Vaidikas have assiduously carried these out, observing strict Niyama.

An hour and a half later, just before the Poornahuti was to be done, a break was taken. And Ramani Anna, the noble personage who is the instrument of Rama in this great endeavor, spoke.

He said that a few years ago, some astrologers had told him that he would be constructing one more temple of Hanuman. He had completed two major ones already. The first at Nanganallur, and the second at Pondichery. Wondering whether he could ever take up such a great task at his age now, he went and consulted a Prashnam astrologer in Kerala. And the Prashnam confirmed what the other astrologers had said. The Prashnam revealed that he was to construct one more temple, and that it would be in a kshetra where Guru’s glance pervades, and it would be near a river. That the place had been one of great Vedic learning at one time, and it would be a agricultural field now. These and many more details were revealed. Based on that he commenced this stupendous task. And the making of Hanuman began.

He also had a divine communication when he was in Anantapadmanabhaswami temple at Trivandrum. After darshan of Hanuman in that temple, when he was sitting for meditation nearby, he heard a command. That he was to inscribe the life-yielding herbs brought by Hamuman on the idol being made. The reference is to the part of Ramayana, when Hanuman brings the whole Sanjivani mountain to Lanka. The herbs of interest were – Mruta Sanjivani, Vishalya Karani, Savarna Karani, and Santhana Karani. These have since been done, etched into the waist of the idok being sculpted.

He explained about the Yantras and the Padukas, and said that these would now go on a forty day tour of many divya kshetras across India. Starting from the Hanuman temple of Nanganallur, these would go to chengalpet, pazhaya seevaram, Kanchipuram, Melkote, Sringeri, Pandharpur, Shirdi, Kollur, Udupi, Gokarna, Nasik, Chitrakut, Allahabad, Kashi, Ayodhya etc.

He also conveyed the plan for the installation of the sacred idol of Hanuman at Alangudi. Before we get to that, here’s a picture of the the vasoddhaara being conducted just before the Purnahuti. Accompanied to the chant of Camakam.

Sri Dinakara Sharma is performing the ceremony above.

And then the Purnahuti is completed.

Sri Ramani Anna told us how the date of idol installation was decided. They had shortlisted three possible dates next year. Three chits were made with these dates, and offered at the feet of Lord Rama in the Nanganallur Hanuman temple. One of them slipped and fell. They just noted mentally which it was. Then they put the three chits on a plate, and called a young girl child to come and pick one. She picked the very chit that had earlier slipped from Sri Rama’s feet. The date was Feb 16, 2011. The Nakshatra was Punarvasu changing to Pushya. With his voice choking, Sri Ramani Anna said that this was the same date, and Nakshatra on which the Nanganallur Hanuman idol was installed years ago. Yes, Nanganallur Aadi-vyaadi-hara Anjaneya was installed on Feb 16, in the year 1992, in the same Nakshatra!

The yagya completed, they did Abhisheka to Rama Paduka. Here is a picture of Ramani Anna himself performing the abhisheka.

A little icon of Hanuman can also be seen in front of the Paduka.

Ramani Anna told us that Rama idol being made for the Alangudi temple was 8 feet tall. The Hanuman idol carving is well in progress. The front part of the idol is done, almost 75%. The whole carving would be completed within a month…. Sri Ramakrishna Sthapathi, the lead sculptor of all the idols, along with his son, was also present for this day’s Homam.

Signing off this post, with a picture of a photograph of the sacred Hanuman idol, as it is now.

Sri Anjaneya Swaminaha – Jai!


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6 Responses to “Making of Hanuman – 2”

  1. Prakash Jayaraman Says:

    Aho Bhagyam!! What a great reenactment of the homam! It is pure Ramars grace that – the installation falls on the same day 16 years later!

  2. Ashu Says:

    So all these life-yeilding herbs do exist ? (atleast nominaly). I know govt of india had started the hunt for som-lata sometime back and hasnt been able to discover it.

  3. baru Says:

    very interesting kamesh. As a madhwa i was also very intrigued by so many pictures of raghavendra swami behind sree dinakara sharma. can you throw some light.

    poojyaya raghavendraya satya dharma ratayacha
    bhajatam kalpa vrikshaya namatam kamadhenave

    • gkamesh Says:

      The place where the homam was held is a Madhwa-Raghavendra religious / community center. Named ‘Parimala Bhavan’, I think. Indeed, it is appropriate for the Hanuman function to be held here. for Sri Raghavendra is so closely associated with Pancamukha Hanuman. I think that the Alangudi Hanuman would also be Pancamukha. Regards

  4. Adelina Says:

    it is always a blessing to witness a homam-and what a blessed soul he is, who built 3 temples!

  5. RENGARAJAN . R Says:

    Hardly find words to express how Ramanai Anna could be able to take up such huge projects when we are struggling to renovate even smallest temples. We do not know what we lack? Is it Bakthi or sincerity in the task?

    Many many namaskarams to people behind this project. What else can be said?

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