Jata Parayana

Veda Parayana (oral tradition of Veda, known as Swadhyaya) is done in different ways.

To preserve the syllables, words, sounds, intonations, the oral recitation of the Veda was given mathematical variations, with words being repeated in different patterns, words being split as syllables etc. And in this manner, there are five advancing levels of complexity of chanting the Veda. The five are Samhitha, Padha, Krama, Jata and finally Ghanam. The Veda scholar who has mastered Ghanam is known as a Ghanapaati. Click here if you would like to  know more about these Parayana formats.

The Tamil month of Karthigai is special for recitation of Veda. In Ramana Kendra, Chennai, for the first ten days of the month, Veda Ghana Parayana was organized. Ten Ghanapaati Vaidikas chanted parts of Yajur Veda for an hour every day. On the tenth day, they chanted the Rudram. Since the chant of Rudram in Ghanam would take a few hours, it was decided that they would chant the Rudram in Jata format. This would take an hour or so.

It was a wonderful experience listening to the Jata Parayana of Rudram.

I am sharing below just four minutes of audio recording of that Parayana. This is of one Anuvaaka of Rudram, which has the holy mantra “Nama Sivaya” at its heart. (They say that Rudram is the heart of Yajur Veda. And the “Nama Sivaya” mantra is the heart of Rudram).

After experimenting with different ways of streaming audio in this blog, I decided that the best way was to load it into youtube and embed the video here. Its not exactly a video though. A still picture of the Parayana, with the audio playing in the background.

Here it is. “Play” and listen.


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  1. meena Says:

    good to hear the parayanam

  2. Ula Says:

    Hi, I am a freelance writer from Poland, currently illustrating a guidebook about Bihar. I found on your website some really nice pictures which I could need for the book. But in order to use them I need your permission. I really like the picture of Aksayavata tree in Gaya.
    Of course it will be stated in the book that it was your photo, I can also add the link to your website.
    Please let me know whether I could use your picture.
    Thank you very much!
    Best wishes,

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