From the Garden of Time

As the year turns over
a new leaf,
And roots strain
to clutch the earth harder,

A flower blossoms
And is gone quick,

Like a good poem
Escaping its words.


7 Responses to “From the Garden of Time”

  1. ambika ananth Says:

    Great musing Kameshwar….pithy, powerful, poignant verse.

    I would like to add two lines here, with your kind permission..

    A flower blossoms
    And is gone quick,
    yet, the fragrance lingers..

    Like a good poem
    Escaping its words.
    to come alive on the pages..

    Every year leaves its mark on the sands of time…

    Thank you Kameshwar for sharing a fine poem…

  2. గంటి లక్ష్మీ నరసింహమూర్తి Says:

    Dear Kameshji, what a good poetry it is.It was long back famous in Andhra Pradesh where a poem was generated instantly by two people at a time,half of the poem each one sharing.This was called “Janta Kavitwam”(Dual throated poetry if Ican call it so.Now in ur case a flower is created by one and fragrance is added to it by another. Your are already aware of the sloka ” vagrdhaviva smpruthau vagardha prathipratha ye jagathaha pithrau vandeParvathee Parameswarau.Let Lord Arunachaleswarar throw new light on your poetic brilliance in the new year.Happy New year to both of You-Murthy

  3. NGS Says:

    Simple and powerful Kamesh. All the best to you and your family for a great year ahead…regards

  4. Srinivasa Says:

    Beautiful verse, Kamesh.

  5. Padmini Says:

    Hi Kamesh, I doubt that these words you wrote will try to escape either this poem or the reader 🙂
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  6. Adelina Says:

    now we hear the poet in you! Have a Happy New Year!

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