Bhaskararayapuram – A picture post – Part 1

A few months ago, a group of us had the privilege of visiting a village in Tanjore-Kumbakonam region. The village of Bhaskararayapuram, where lived the great sage Bhaskararaya a few hundred years ago.


Bhaskararaya (1690 – 1785) was one of the all-time-great Acharyas of Sanatana Dharma,  the authority on Shakti worship, and is the father of Sri Vidya as is known and practiced today. He has composed numerous treatises, and is, perhaps, best known for his commentary on Lalita Sahashranama – known as Sowbhahgya Bhaskara. Born in Maharashtra, he went on to study in Kashi, Gujarat, and then in Tamil Nadu, where he settled by the banks of the Kaveri, in a village granted to him, which bears his name – Bhaskararayapuram.

And it is to this village that we come – driving down from Chennai, and arriving late night, in Sep 2010.

We were to stay in an Ashrama, the Bhaskaracharya Memorial, which has been built just a few years ago.  Made by the Bhaskaracharya Bhakta Samajam, the memorial consists of a Shrine for Mother Goddess, an Annakootam, a meditation hall, a Goshaala and rooms for visitors to stay in.

Ok, so lets commence our picture tour…

Lets take in the ambiance of the place, before we get to the shrine proper,

Early morning, first look of the surroundings.


A closer look at the fields nearby


For bath… River Kaveri flows by the village…


Another view of the bathing area…


What a contrast to the crush, din and bustle of city life…

After a refreshing bath in the river, lets head now to the Bhaskacharya Memorial…

The Go-shaalaa… Fresh milk, for the morning coffee… Kumbakonam coffee is something else…


And now, the front view of the Shrine at the Memorial.


And a view of the shrine from the back… The shed with the blue roof on the right is the Go-shaalaa.  The small tank behind the car, houses a motor to pump ground water…. If one feels lazy to walk a few minutes to the Kaveri, then one can have a bath right here… A power-shower with the ground-water pumped out with great force… Oh, the joys of a village…



And now, lets step into the shrine…

*** To be continued


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7 Responses to “Bhaskararayapuram – A picture post – Part 1”

  1. j.krishnan Says:

    Lovely pictures, Kamesh

  2. Adelina Says:

    The rural side of India still carries so much freshness! That calf and cow promise that things are still on track there.
    Waiting for more on the ashram!

  3. Srinivasa Says:

    Nice post. Where’s the photo from? It’s a trifle disappointing, I must confess.

    Sri Bhaskara Raya’s traditionally shown with luxuriant and royal moustaches. You can try looking at Thethiyur Subramanya Sastrigal’s book on Lalitasahasranamam for the picture ?I’m talking about.

    Per the general folklore in and around Thanjavur district, you can’t have a Maratha brahmin or a Niyogi (telugu) brahmin without moustaches 🙂

    • gkamesh Says:


      Bhaskaracharya’s picture there is from the Shrine at the Bhaskararaya Memorial.. I took a photo of a large picture…

      Shall check out on the Mouche version… Did Tyagaraja have a mouche too?

  4. Srinivasa Says:

    Sri Bhaskara Raya’s picture shows him sitting crosslegged like a Maharajah no less. Twirled moustaches merely completed the ensemble. This picture you’ve posted is some Tamil Iyer re-imagination of Sri Bhaskara Raya. He looks like he retired from the AG’s office or something. Sri Bhaskara Raya, as a theoretician of Vamachara practices, had nothing much to do with traditional Tamil Iyers.

    I’ll motivate a friend to scan a picture from some ancient Deepavali Malar for the pic I’m talking about. Might take some time.

    btw, Tyagaraja Swami is not Niyogi brahmin 🙂 But he has the red rumal of the Sufi’s.

  5. ashakiran Says:

    nice article.
    I want to visit bhaskararajapuram.
    I have seen the same picture in varivasy rahasya
    no other pcture i have seen.

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