Book Hopping

My company, this year, gave me a thousand rupee gift coupon for books or whatever from Landmark books…

And so I went there a few days ago… Browsed around… Should I buy some book of poetry? Ezhiekel ? Maybe later… AK Ramanujam? Cant find his books here… Ah theres this collection of Robert Graves… Just the right price too.. Browse that… Keep it back….

I check out the philosophy section… Nothing jumps out of the shelf at me… Aah.. Snuggled in the shelves, I find one of my books, the Sarayu one. Surprise! Good to see you old friend!

All right, back to the poetry section…

Translation of Ghalib? With original urdu verses transliterated in English? Tempted…. What else….

Fiction section…Translation of Prem Chand? Hmmm…. And I find myself veering looking for my old favorite – Kurt Vonnegut… Only one book… Shop folks stare blankly when I ask for more… All right, all right…. What about John Le Carre? They have just a few of his titles… Milan Kundera? Just one…. Aah, I spot an Ishiguro… I remember I really liked “Remains of the Day”… This one is a collection of not so short stories…. Can try…..

Back to Le Carre…. Should I pick up one or two or three…. His books I have read… And although I do not remember them clearly, I feel I will, as soon as I start reading them…. The story is not the point… Its his lines, and I feel they are so good, that I don’t think I would have quite forgotten the real good ones…. Some of his prose is poetry… Well, I pick up one…

And then my eyes fall on… All right.. For old times sake I shall take that…. Old times sake, all times sake… It is a must to have in my library… I have read this more than a few times, but its maybe ten years since I read it last… Yes, Heller… The 22…

Right… Thats just over a thousand….

That evening I start reading Le Carre, ‘A murder of quality’. Finish it in a few days…. Very good all right…. But…

Next Ishiguro – ‘Nocturnes’… Good… But…..

22 I shall savor later….

The bug has bitten.

Went back to a different bookshop today…. The Odyssey near RA Puram… Buy some pens… And some books….

They have just one Le Carre… A new one – ‘Our kind of traitor’…. I check out if they have any Solzhenitsyn Nope…. Any Vonnegut? Nope… Lots of Agatha Christies… Shelves of them… And Sheldon… And such…. What about some vintage stuff? Yes! A couple of Graham Greenes. “Dr Fischer of Geneva” and the “The Tenth Man”….

And so I return with one more Le Carre and two Graham Greenes….

Lifes good….


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  1. G.L.N.Murthy Says:

    Dear Kameshji, I was waiting for Bhaskra Rayuram-2 and I got bibiliograpy-1.I visited Bhaskararayapuram twice with my family and LalithaSahsra Parayana group.It is a nice place to visit. I have seen the palce in temple near by where the great Bhakaraarya delivered his lectures on Lalitha.I hope u will get that photo also.Why I started like this is Bhaskararaya referred 354 books before he started his commentary,Soubhagyabhaskaram,on Lalithasahasranamam.This point alone driven me to Bhaskararayapuram some years back. I am hapy to see u as a voracious reader like Bhaskaracharya.Wish u and ur family very Happy PONGAL-Murthy

    • gkamesh Says:

      Thank you sir! Bhaskararayapuram 2 shall follow soon! I did visit the temple nearby where he dedicated the Bhashya to Goddess. Huge temple, with very few visitors, unlike the Navagraha temples nearby which throng with pilgrims! Happy Pongal to you! Its a good coincidence that we are talking of Bhaskara (Sun) Raya today. He too, like Kavyakanta, was born after prayers to Soorya. Prayers to Asaravalli Sooryanarayana! Regards

  2. Says:

    Dear Kamesh
    Your writeup was very infomative as usual.
    Why is the 52nd verse in lalitha sahasranamam required to be recited thrice? My guru said her guru used to recite it thrice .
    Could you pl. enlighten me on this from the lectures of Bhakararaya on this and any other portions of his extracts.

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