Bhaskararayapuram – A picture post – Part 2

Happy Pongal, Makara Sankranti!

It is an auspicious coincidence that we are thinking of Bhaskararaya on this day. It is said that Bhaskararaya’s mother had done intense worship of Soorya before he was born, and so he was named Bhaskara. He has also consistently used the word ‘Bhaskara’ in titling many of his works, including the Bhashya of Lalitha Sahasranama, which he named ‘Sowbhagya Bhaskara’.

With prayers to Suryanarayana, lets take a quick dip in Kaveri before we enter the shrine at the Bhaskararaya Memorial.

Very near the river bank is a temple Bhaskararajeshwara, Siva…. Picture below…

Walking past this temple, we return to the Bhaskararay Memorial…

Lets enter the shrine there.

Above on left is the priest, and on right is Sri Ravichandran who is managing the memorial works. Sri Ravichandran and his wife are Sri Vidya upaasakaa themselves, and chant Chandi (Devi Mahatmyam) every day. During our stay there, he was very helpful and extremely efficient.

Seen above, in the middle, is a huge Meru…

On the left of the Mahameru, a lovely statue of Goddess Saraswati (below)


And on the right, a statue of Vaaraahi…


A closeup of Varahi…


So that was a quick picture tour of the shrine….

Near Bhaskararayapuram is the temple of Thirukkodeeshwarar – place known as Thirukkodi Kaval, or Thirukkodika. Its a massive temple set in 3.5 acres of land. Its one of the ‘paadal petra sthalams’, siva temples sung by Nayanmars (Saiva Saints of Tamil Nadu). It is in this temple that Bhaskararaya completed and dedicated his magnum opus, Sowbhagya Bhaskara, the commentary on Lalitha Sahasranama, to the Goddess of the temple, Vadivambikai (Tripurasundari)…. Its a beautiful temple, with shrines for Baala-Shaneeshwarar (young Shaneeshwara), Yama, Brahma… Goddess Tripurasundari is one with Goddess Lakshmi, and has a conch and chakra… Kaveri flows North here, if I am not mistaken…. Not many pilgrims here… Pity…

Signing off this post with a verse sung by the child saint Tiru Jnanacampandar in honor of the God of Thirukkodika…

இன்று நன்று, நாளை நன்று என்று நின்ற இச்சையால்
பொன்றுகின்ற வாழ்க்கையைப் போக விட்டுப் போதுமின்
மின் தயங்கு சோதியான் வெண்மதி விரிபுனல்,
கொன்றைதுன்று சென்னியான் கோடிகாவு சேர்மினே!

Thinking, ‘today is a good day’.
Nay, ‘tomorrow is a good day’
people, with standing desires,
let this fleeting life
go (waste).

(O people, go quick)
To Civan,
Lustrous as lightning,
With a white crescent (on his head)
Spreading waters (Of Ganga)
And Konrai flowers



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  1. G.L.N.Murthy Says:

    Dear Kameshji, Thank u very much for the post on Part -2of Bhskararayapuram.When we visited,Bhaskara rayapuram, there were no Idols of Saraswathi and Varahi.Thank u for ur very beautiful photographs.We have not taken dip in Kaveri.Imust go on another visit to Bhaskarayapuram.-Murthy

  2. Adelina Says:

    thanks for sharing these beautiful shots, again. Love the poem-a child saint?- so appropriate for our modern ears to hear!

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