Making of Hanuman – 3A

21st of March last year (2010), the carving of a great Hanuman idol commenced… Readers of this blog may recall the post (Click here to read the first post)… And then, end of October, there was a function in Chennai, for energizing the Yantra-s of the idols of Hanuman, Rama, Lakshmi-Nrsimha, for the proposed temple at Alangudi, the third in the great series of Hanuman temple being constructed under the auspicious oversight of Ramani Anna… (Click here to read  that post)..

Moving 0n…

Yesterday, June 3rd, 2011 – was a Homam function at the Sthapathi’s place. The idols are complete. And this day, they commence their journey from here to Alangudi… And so it is, that Krishni and I take off at 6-30 am from Chennai, to visit the Sthapathi’s place… The place is near Chengelpet… You take the road towards Kanchipuram… Go past Pazhaya-seevaram (a hillock temple of Lakshmi-Nrsimha)… And one km down, you reach Puliyampaakkam…

Shree Balaji Shilpa Kalai-koodam (Sri Balaji Centre of of Sculpting Arts)…

Here it is that we had come last year around Rama Navami time, and saw the inauguration of sculpting of the idol of Hanuman, meant for the proposed temple at Alangudi…

Here is a picture from that last visit, religious ceremony being conducted on the rock to be sculpted.


So where are we now…

Lets make an auspicious start, by having darshan of a Ganesha idol at the Kalai-koodam…


In the field, one sees a massive truck…

Going past that truck, turning around, one has the first glimpse of a massive idol of Hanuman, lying on the ground… on sand bags, planks and stone…


Brings to mind a scene from Mahabharata… Bheema is alone, going up the Himalaya, looking for a particular flower for Draupadi…. Smashing his way through the forests, tossing elephants, tigers and lions aside, roaring… And he reaches a forest of plantain trees, where lies on his path, a massive monkey… Hanuman… He is lying down, as if asleep… His snores resounding across the mountain… His tail, slapping the ground, with such a massive force, that hill crests are falling down…. And Bheema watches, astounded…

Here is how Vyasa describes Hanuman, from Bheema’s eyes…

विद्युत्संपातदुष्प्रेक्षं विद्युत्संपातपिङ्गलम् |
विद्युत्संपातनिनदं विद्युत्संपात्चञ्चलम् ||
Like lightning, he was hard to look at;
Like lightning, he was of golden-copper hue;
Light lightning, he resounded like thunder;
Like lightning, he was flashing, quivering!
दीप्यमानेन वपुषा स्वर्चिष्मन्तमिवानलम्|
निरीक्षन्तममित्रघ्नं लोचनैर्मधुपिङ्गलै: ||
His splendorous body body ablaze like fire, the slayer of foes, glanced with his honey like eyes.
Ok, so lets have darshan, shall we…
First a look at his holy feet…
Next, a look at his massive thighs…
Now, lets see his powerful arms…. The arms that lifted Sanjeevani mountain…
Readers of the earlier post on this “Making of Hanuman” series, would recall that herbs of Sanjeevani mountain – Mruta Sanjivani, Vishalya Karani, Savarna Karani, and Santhana Karani – are etched on the waist of this idol… Now, lets have Darshan of the upper part of Hanuman…
In the Mahabharata episode of Bheema and Hanuman, Vyasa says:
अपश्यद्  वदनं तस्य रश्मिमन्तमिवोदुपं
Bheema saw Hanuman’s face, which looked like the shining moon…
Lets have a look at the face… A close-up…


What a beautiful smile!

Now, a look at the whole profile… As we saw  it first, when we walked past the truck…


How was that!

Shall continue with some more pictures, other idols in the next post – the part 3B.

** To be continued **


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9 Responses to “Making of Hanuman – 3A”

  1. Suresh Subramanian Says:

    Great post Kamesh. You are truly gifted…
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. gjv Says:


  3. Sankarasubramanian Says:

    Anjaneyaya Namha:
    Thanks GKji.

  4. manjunath ramaiyengar thogare Says:


    all the people who are involved in this great task.first my pranamas.i have read sundara kandam and love to read whenever i am feel lonely and out of place.

    but such a job.its great. my father was invoved in renovation of sri.prasanna venkata ramana swamy kovil in thorapalli agraharam ,near hosur,birth place of sri.rajai. it took quite a time and you people have done it in shortest possible time and all the pictures shows His mercy and blessing form ,lovely

    great effort ,very very appreciable ,for the use of man kind ,of course.

    god hanuman bless all

  5. Radhakrishnan/Posty Says:

    Like this.

  6. hari kumar jha Says:

    my pranams to almighty HANUMAN. my sincere gratitude to all the Hanuman bhaktas who are involved making this happen. BHAGWAN HANUMAN is going to bless all the bhaktas.By seeing in picture i get divine feeling, don’t know how i will feel the day i am going to have his darshana.

  7. veeraraghavan Says:

    excellent coverge
    Veeraraghavan, Mumbai

  8. ragavendran Says:

    Anjaneyaya Namha:
    pls enyone send me balaji sirpa kalaikoodam number (or) email id

    • gkamesh Says:

      Dear Ragavendran

      I do not know them personally. Their address and phone number is there in the name board picture in this post. Click on the picture to get an enlargement.


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