Making of Hanuman – 4

Sree Rama Jayam!

11th of June, Saturday. We are in Kumbakonam. The most holy land of  majestic temples. Who can count the temples of Kumbakonam? Who can recount the full glory of even one of them! What a city!

Early morning, we visit Sharngapani temple. What a beautiful temple. What holiness! What architecture! The vimana shaped as a chariot driven by horses and elephants… Entering the sanctum by the Uttarayana entrance… And beholding the Pallikondaan Lord! “The eyes that have seen Lord Aravamudam, will they wish to see any one else?”, is the gist of a Pasuram that the priest there chants as he shows deeparadhana to the Lord… True… True…What a Darshan!

Returning to the hotel for some delicious pongal, vadai, coffee, we go across thereafter to the Mahamakham tank. What a majestic tank!


We walk down the steps (careful, its slippery), for washing our feet and doing prokshanam… A kshetra purohita joins us as naturally as a tributary does a river, and leads us through basic rituals.


We then walk across to Kashi Vishwanatha temple which is right across the road. Another majestic temple. On the outer prakaram we see a Siva Linga that is said to have been worshiped by Sri Rama. Kasi Viswanatha and Sri Rama are inseparable. I remember the Saptarshi puja of Kasi Vishwanatha in Kasi, where each bilwa leaf offered to Lord Vishwanath has the name “Ram” written on it.

We then go to Kumbheshwarar temple… Mantrapeetheshwari stands tall and glorious…

Around 8 am or so, we leave for Alangudi. Somewhere along the way we take a wrong turn and are treated with a winding tour of beautiful, green, vast, Kumbakonam fields… Cute, little road… We ask directions from village folks, who are so helpful, except that they are beyond the grips of time and space… So, by and bye, we come to a small bridge, which mocks us to attempt crossing it. The lady in the car prefers to leg it, and abandons the car and us to the care or otherwise of the breaking bridge. Our car starts its test. Like Ramasetu, the bridge is just fine. We make it across. Jai Hamuman!

Finding our way back to the highway to Mannargudi, we arrive at Gnanapuri… Thats the site where the Hanuman temple is coming up. A km or two short of Alangudi town… We can see the site from far, for the cranes are like a flag aloft…


The site is right next to the highway. Amidst open fields…

Somewhere near the crane, Hanuman, lies on a pile of sandbags, in happy Yoga Nidra.


Tomorrow (12th June), He shall be installed on this Peetha…


A hundred yards away, the chariot that brought him here, stands in front of a hut. (And yes, the chariot has eight pairs of four-wheels… ie 64 wheels)…


We walk across to the hut. Yagya is in progress. Sanctification of waters…The Yantras…The Rama Padukas… Vedic chants… The fragrance of homa smoke…


During a break in the homam, before Poornahuti, Ramani Anna, speaks to the devotees of Hanuman…


On the Gnanapuri site, is a Goshala… Peace..Silence… Happiness…


On one side of the Goshala, a young calf  stares at the world outside…. And an old villager sleeps on a narrow ledge in the wall of the Goshala. Nary a care! Happiness, pure and simple!


Outside, on one side of the Hanuman Peetha, is a site for Lakshmi Narsimha shrine. And on the other side, the site for Rama Parivaar…

All the idols are in Yoga nidra…



Rama sleeps…. With a most contented smile on His face…What if the ground is rocky stone… Did He not sleep thus on the forest floor of Dandakaranya?

Jai Sita Ram…

*** To be continued ***


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5 Responses to “Making of Hanuman – 4”

  1. Bala Says:

    Mahamaham tank. Brings back memories of childhood visiting my grandfather’s place. They used to live on the same banks from where you have the picture. North tank. Spent time in the summer sitting on the parapet walls and staring at the water

  2. suresh subramanian Says:

    We are with you right there…

  3. Sankarasubramanian Says:

    Thanks for taking us along with you Shri. GKji. Namaskarams.

  4. Ttamarapu Sampath Kumaran Says:

    Very graphic presentation of the installation of Sri Hanuman, enabling His bhaktas to plan a visit.
    I humbly submit of my e-book on Hanuman posted in (search
    Tamarapu Sampath Kumaran).

  5. sriram Says:

    Thank u

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