Making of Hanuman – 5

12/June2011… The day of Sthaapana of Hanuman in Alangudi… Morning…

Lets fast forward a bit. Homa is going on in the large hut. Just before Poornahuti, Ramani Anna and Sri Raghavan are chanting Hanuman Badavaanala Stotram, composed by Vibhishana, a stotra of great power. Lets see and listen a few minutes of this chanting…Click the video below…Play till end….Ramani Anna’s chanting reverberates with the divine force of this stotra.


Was that special or what!

Next…Lets have darshan of Rama’s padukas, kept on the altar inside the hut.

These holy paduka-s have been on a long teertha yatra prior to their coming here. Starting from Chennai Nanganallur Anjaneya temple, they have been to many holy places across India – Kanchi, Melkote, Talai Kaveri, Udupi, Shringeri, Kollur, Gokarna, Kolapur, Satara, Pandharpur, Shani shinganapur, Shirdi, Nasik, Omkareshwar, Ujjain, Chitrakoot, Triveni sangam, Ayodhya, Kasi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bhadrachalam, Sri Shailam, Mantralayam Ahobilam, Tirupati etc.

Now, lets rewind…Lets start from day-begin..

12/June/2011, Sunday, Ekadashi… Chitra star till 7:15 am or so and Swathi star thereafter. As per some of the Purana-s, Hanuman’s birthstar is Swati. Indian tradition says that a pearl is born when a rain drop falls inside a shell during Swati Nakshatra. Is there a greater pearl than Anjana’s son!

Morning 6 am. We come to Gnanapuri. And find that the cranes have been busy overnight. Hanuman is no longer supine. He is up and erect, held in harness by strong steel ropes…

The Sthapathi, Sri Ramakrishnan, stands next to the Hanuman that he has sculpted.

Notice the bottom of the idol, the massive trapezoidal granite base anchor… For installation, the idol will have to be lifted by crane and placed on the Peetham… The anchor part will have to fit snugly into a pit in the granite Peetham… Picture of that pit below….


Now, lets zoom in and focus on the Lord, feet to crown…

The holy feet…


Next, the girdle… Notice the Narsimha…


Notice in the picture above… On the left side of the waist, just above the girdle… Herbs… Lets zoom in… This is a photo that I took the previous day…


Hanuman has four herbs tucked in his girdle. They are Vishalya Karani, Savarna Karani, Santhana Karani, and Mruta Sanjivani. These are the herbs from Sanjivani hill that were used to revive Rama, Lakshmana and others during the great war of Rama and Ravana. Vishalya Karani is for easy removal of arrows that have pierced into the body. Another one is for quick healing of broken bones. The third is for quick healing of wounds. And Mruta Sanjivani is for revival of the dead. By divine ordnance, Ramani Anna was directed to have these herbs engraved on the body of Alangudi Hanuman… And there they are now…

Next, the top part…


So that is the glorious Alangudi Hanuman, rising into the sky… He waits for his berth on the Peetham… That installation ceremony will commence after the completion of the homa that is going on inside the large hut… Which is just about to happen.

Picture of Poornahuti…


** To be continued **

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    Thank you for bringing this to us..

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    Thank very much bringing the Jai Hanumanji pradhistai visuals pl continue till completion of the temple (at least 15 days once ) thanks once again

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    Amazing Jai Jai Jai Hanuman

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    Thanks for bringing Jai Hanuman

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