Making of Hanuman – 6

Hanuman… He’s the one making all this happen…

Poornahuti is completed inside the hut. Installation ceremony is ready to commence.

Auspicious Nadaswaram music…..


Now, the sanctified Yantra of all the idols are being brought in a procession. Cows and calves lead the procession. Behind them, Ramani Anna walks, carrying the Hanuman Yantra, holding it above his head…


He climbs on the scaffolding, onto the platform where the Peetha is, and holds aloft the holy Hanuman Yantra, for all to behold…


Now, he steps inside the pit, where the Yantra is to be installed.


He places the Yantra in the designated place inside the pit…


You can see the Yantra, in the middle… Some sand/clay has been put on top of the Yantra.


Its all happening…. Ramani Anna has completed the placement of the Yantra… This must be one emotional moment for him…. And for all the people there… This is the last one shall see the Yantra…. The Hanuman idol shall be placed on top of it, shortly….

Ramani Anna steps out of the pit, onto the platform, and exhorts the devotees to proclaim the glory of Hanuman… Jai Hanuman! Jai Anjaneya!


And now the Hanuman idol is to be lifted and placed in the Peetha… This is a very exacting job… The anchor on the bottom of the idol has to be inserted and fitted snugly in the pit on the Peetha….

Lets enjoy the ambiance of the occasion…

Here’s a very short video clip…. The Crane operator moves his controls, and the huge Hanuman idol is slowly lifted…. Watch…


The idol is up in the sky…


By very precise maneuvering, the idol has to be placed in the Peetha… Slowly, the idol is brought to a position above the pit where the anchor has to be brought down and slided into…


This takes an hour or so… The huge idol sways like a massive pendulum… To correctly release the idol down into the “hold” is totally non-trivial… As it is lowered, the idol swings, and the anchor stone hits the side wall of the pit… Somehow the idol has to be brought down in the exact place, without it swinging… They try… The idol sways and gets knocked in the peetha pit… The Sthapathi is worried, and at one stage, he calls for the operation to halt. He is apprehensive that the idol may get damaged… Oh, the tension…

He goes to Ramani Anna and explains his apprehension… Ramani Anna decides on the course of action… He, along with the Sthapathi, and Sri Raghavan, go to the place where Rama Parivaar idols are… With a silent prayer to Rama, they do three pradakshina (circum-ambulations) of the Rama parivaar idols…. And then Ramani Anna directs the crane folks to try again….

This time, it goes right in, like a hand into a glove. No hitch….

Jai Sri Rama! Hanuman is in his place!

And high in the sky, a Garuda bird (eagle with a white band on its neck) glides down and circumambulates around the idol, like a halo, high over the crown…

Here is Hanuman, in his Peetha…


So that is Vishwaroopa Sankatahara Mangala Maruti!

In Mahabharata, when Bheema happens to meet Hanuman in the Himalaya, he requests Hanuman to show him his Vishwaroopa, the form that Hanuman had taken when he made the mighty leap to Lanka… And Hanuman warns him that the Vishwaroopa form of his cannot be seen in this yuga… That Bheema will not be able to see that form… But Bheema cajoles him to show him… And so, Hanuman, out of affection for his brother expands his form, and becomes larger than the Gandhamaadhana mountain… In that context, the Mahabharata says:

दीर्घलाङ्गूलमाविद्य दिशो व्याप्य स्थितः कपिः |
तद्रूपं महदालाक्ष्य भ्रातुः कौरवनन्दनः ||
विसिष्मिये तदा भीमो जहृषे च पुनः पुनः |
तमर्कमिव तेजोभिः सौवर्णमिव पर्वतम् ||
प्रदीप्तमिव चाकाशं दृष्ट्वा भीमो न्यमीलयत् |
आबभाशे च हनुमान् भीमसेनं स्मयन्निव ||
एतावदिह शक्तस्त्वं दृष्टुं रूपं ममानघ |
वर्धेऽहं चाप्यतो भूयो यावन्मे मनसि स्थितम् |
भीमशत्रुषु चात्यर्थं वर्धते मूर्तिरोजसा ||

“That hero among apes, shaking his tail, stood tall, filling all the directions! Beholding that form of Hanuman, Bheema was filled with awe and his hair stood on end! Hanuman was shining like the Sun! He looked like the golden mountain Meru! By his effulgence the whole sky seemed to be aflame! Bheema just closed his eyes. for he could not continue seeing that massive, blazing form! And Hanuman, smiling, spoke to Bheema, saying: ‘O sinless one! You can see my form only to this extent. But I can expand to much greater size! I can become as massive as my mind wishes! When fearsome enemies confront me, my size increases by its own vital power!’

So now, here at Alangudi, the Vishwaroopa Hanuman has taken a size, that we, mortals of Kaliyuga are capable of beholding! Jai Bajrang Bali!


On one side of the central Hanuman Peetha is a platform for installation of Lakshmi Narsihha idol. And on the other side, another platform, for installation of Rama Parivaar. The installation of these will happen over the course of the day.

The Nethra-unmeelanam (eye opening) of the Hanuman idol shall be done later. The plan is to do it when the surrounding temple structure, with Raja Gopuram etc is completed. Perhaps in twelve to eighteen months… But by the installation of the Yantra, the Presence of Vishwaroopa Maruti is already invoked. And so full scale worship commences now… Daily worship….

During the course of this day, around ten thousand people come, and witness the majestic presence of Hanuman… All are given Prasadam… The idea is that every single person visiting this temple will get prasada (curd rice / puliyodara / pongal) on a banana leaf… Every single day…

And Hanuman is making it all happen…

Signing off this post with a picture…

Second from right in the picture is Dinakara Sharma, the great stalwart of Vaidika Dharma, who has led all the Vaidika rites associated with this installation… And in saffron attire is Ramani Anna, standing on the platform of Rama, showing Deeparadhana to the devotees…


Sree Rama Jayam!


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  1. veeraraghavan Says:

    you have also made us participate in this event.
    it all started with a short write up sent to me thro’ sri rangarajan and i continued to follow up in this blog as well from another site heritagetown (a very brief story and video in this ).
    Excellent pictures also from you.
    my you tube link is channel ramaswamy43.
    Rgs, Veeraraghavan

  2. Tamarapu Sampath Kumaran Says:

    Through you we had the darsan of the Lord

  3. Thirumalai Says:

    Kamesh – Thank you for taking us through this wonderful journey. Was really an enchanting experience, as if we were there. Each episode was so captivating that it made you wait for more. Like all good this, the end had to come but we will wait for more sharing of such captivating experience. Affection Thiru

  4. Ravi Chandhiramouli Says:

    It was very moving to read the installation of Jai Hanuman Kamesh. We were transported to Alangudi and transfixed by the narrative and the emotion was as though we all were there “in person”. Avvalavu thathroopabamaga irundhudhu. Thank you. Happy Fathers day to you and all fathers” out there.


  5. Sankarasubramanian Says:

    Many thanks Shri.GKji for this holy trip throughout all episodes to Alangudi. namaskarams

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