Yoga is skill in action, says Bhagavad Gita…

Going by that definition, the premium on yoga seems to be drying up… Hands-on skilled jobs are not finding many takers any more… Whether as employees or as entrepreneurs… And yet, with the growth of Indian economy, the demand for skilled professionals is bound to snowball… Surely. something needs to give…..

With some trepidation, I started a new blog titled “Building skills, Building India”…. Hope to post some material there, on this subject.

The link is

The first post is online, click here.

Do check it out.


One Response to “Skills”

  1. Pradeep Nair Says:

    Very true. We have numbers, not quality. And, we heavily lack in skill sets, be it any profession.

    I am reminded of this… Everyone is working smart these days, there is no one to do the hard work!

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