Ganga Yatra

Saturday, 14 April 2012….

Took a cab to Mayur Vihar, Delhi, to join my friend Ramey for a day trip to Ganga….Away we go! Ramey’s car races down the highway, and he is in the zone….


Its been two years since we last visited Garhmuktheshwar. Click here for a view of that Ganga Snaan

We are on NH 24, the national highway connecting Delhi and Lucknow. Time is around 10 am. From Mayur Vihar, Garhmuktheshwar is around 100 Kms….

Its kind of hot, and getting hotter…. And Ramey gently breaks the news that his car A/C is not working…. He hasn’t had the time to get it fixed, and so what could not be cured, has to be endured… He however switches on the A/C for what its worth, and the gadget blows hot air and makes a constant click-click sound as well… Ramey shrugs… We do what our forefathers would have done… We pray…. And Lo and behold… The click-click stops… Cool air blows…. A/C starts working again! Mera bhaarat mahaan, I say!

We cross into UP, going past some zig-zag border security barricades…. The road is wonderful… Development, in terms of real estate construction, is visible all along the way so far… Any number of multi story residential complexes, with hoardings advertising “ready to occupy”, “golf course facility” etc… Most look semi finished…. Shopping malls, ever so many of them, all of them swanky… I ask Ramey if these places make money… He smiles and says they do.. Everyone and everyone’s niece has a job now… Money to spend…

We drive past many an engineering college, management institute…. “Have land, convert to engineering college”, seems to have been the motivating business credo…. Ramey has a few choice comments to make about these colleges… Censored..

The roads are real good, compared to last time that we came here… Flyovers have  been completed, and we drive without stopping anywhere, and arrive at Braj Ghat before noon…

The entry into Braj Ghat has also been repaired… We can drive right down, and parking place is quite ok…

The Yatra Gods are kind…Clouds are gathering, and the weather is becoming nice and cool….

We walk across to the river ghat…..

Ganga beckons!

View downstream….


And the view upstream…

Like migratory birds returning to a familiar place, we hire a boat and are off….


Rowing across to the other side, the boatman drops anchor…

We are off for the snaan… How does one describe the joy… Just being there, the Ganga cleansing you totally… As you let all the cares flow away, and feel the poetry of divinity in the embrace of the waters…  How wonderful it is, to be a droplet in the cosmos…


The Snaan done, we amble across to the river bank… Thatch shelters have been put up for pilgrims….

Filling canisters with Ganga water, we reluctantly boat back to the ghat…

A view of the Braj Ghat from the boat…


Reaching the ghat, we walk past the riverside shops… Picture below… Notice the monkeys on the roof… What is a teertha-sthala that is not blessed by a monkey?

As we step on to the ghat and walk towards the car, it starts drizzling…. Feel blessed by that…

Time is past 1 pm, and we shall explore the Garhmukteshwar village now….

*** To be continued ***


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6 Responses to “Ganga Yatra”

  1. Lakshmi Srinivas Says:

    Ramey runs this free taxi service to Garh Mukteswar. He has never offered to take me.

  2. bsurabhi Says:

    I echo those comments. ramey needs to run a shuttle for visitors like us

  3. Nithya Rajan Says:

    Enjoyed this blog, simple sweet and brings back some memories of my own trip to see HER!

  4. Thiru Says:

    Great write up. Felt like being there.

  5. S.Krishnasamy Says:

    sir very nice. i am a fan of ur write up. i feel the interval is long. why not one per week. krishnasamy aged 87

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