Ganga Yatra – Part 3

We are at the temple of Goddess Ganga, in the village of Garhmuketheshwar (gaNmuktishwar)…

Here is a close up of the idol of Ma Ganga.


The young priest then guides us to a shrine that’s on the right of the Ganga Sanctum, on the pradakshina path inside the temple….

The sign on the shrine reads…


Yes! It reads ‘The Temple of Brahma and Siva’!

Brahma temple is an absolute rarity… There is one in Pushkar…. That’s the only famous one, and many would say that that’s the only shrine of Brahma in India… Well that’s not strictly true… One has seen small shrines of Brahma in a few temples…. And there is one, right here, in Garhmukteshwar… A lovely, white, stone idol….

Ok, ready for Darshan of Pitaamaha Brahma, the Creator?


Brahma, the four faced God, the Creator…. Circumambulating around the idol of Brahma, we come to the back… Here’s the back view, the back-face of Brahma…


Nice view, Brahma with a nice, long, beard…

In the same shrine, on the other side is the shrine of Shiva….

I ask the priest the name of Shiva here…

He tells me that He is Narmadeshwar, the Lord of River Narmada… That’s the Shiva Linga in the centre of the altar above, the one with the snake-hood crown, which the bull Nandi is facing.

I ask of the other Shiva linga, the one this side of the altar… The priest tells me that this is the old Narmadeshwar, and that it had become ‘khandit’ (broken / defaced, rendered unsuitable for worship), and was just kept here….

We do pradakshina of the Ganga temple, and then come out… On the left of Ganga Mandir, is another shrine, that of Lord Rama, and his family… I walk into the shrine…. It’s dark and there is no one in… I take a quick photograph… And then I hear a snore… There is someone asleep somewhere in this shrine… Afternoon in an Indian village…. God is in His heaven, and all is well below, and a snooze is certainly in order…

The shrine of Rama…


It is quite appropriate to have a Rama shrine here… The Ramayana has many references of Ganga… The story of Bhageeratha, Ganga’s descent, the liberation of the sons of Sagara are all portrayed graphically in Ramayana…

The priest asks us to come again, preferably in the morning time… He promises to show us some ‘adbhut’ (wondrous) aspects of Garhmukteshwar… That would be wonderful…

We now have to start the descent from the temple… Here’s a view from the top… Ramey’s car can be seen down below….


Ganga used to flow right by these steps. 101 steps led up from the ย river to the temple…

Now time has moved Ganga away, added some earth and subtracted some steps… There are 85 steps now….

Imagine Ganga flowing by this temple… Imagine coming here by boat, alighting on the steps, to ascend and have Darshan of Ganga Ma in this unique temple…. How wonderful that would have been….

We go down to the car… A villager walks over and asks us for Parking Fee… Hmmm… A car and its karma! Well, no sweat… A tenner makes the villager happy, and us too…

Next stop, Nakka Kuan…

*** To be continued ***


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5 Responses to “Ganga Yatra – Part 3”

  1. Lakshmi Srinivas Says:

    Brahma-ji, shiv-ji, Ram-ji and then Ramey-ji ๐Ÿ™‚

    • gkamesh Says:

      Had you been there it would have been Brahma-ji, shiv-ji, Ram-ji and Lakshmi Ji…

      India’s loss is Amreeka’s gain!


  2. S.Krishnasamy Says:

    we felt as if u are narrating to us in person. very graphic. we felt we were actally worshipping Ma ganga, Lord Brahma And Sri Rama. The young priest looks pious. I hope u have given him some Dakshina. It would be nice if we provide them with some stotra books so they may recite it at the time of darsana by devotees. krishnan

  3. G.L.N.Murthy Says:

    Thank u sir, we are having a holy dip in GANGA by going through ur narrative which flows down in to herts step by step.There is one more very old “Bala Brahmeswara” Alalyam in ALMPUR on the banks of Thunga Bhadra in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. -Murthy

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