cd Dilli – A filler

Dilli… Morning 6-45 am.

Birds chirping. A bulbul alights on a clothesline connecting a rusted steel water pipe to a nice green hedge. Plants have just been watered. The special fragrance of watered earth… Ahhh…what perfume can match that… Now is nice…

Now is nice, inside this cocoon…

Just outside, the road is cluttered with sand, bricks, cement bags, stones, and assorted building material. Someone in one of the flats upstairs, is extending his nest in the sky… So he has taken over part of the car park to park his construction materials. The car park is packed choc-a-bloc. And where the parkers found no place, they just parked it wherever they could stop. A huge SUV is parked right in the middle of the lane. No one can  drive in or out. This is CD Dilli (Care a Damn, Dilli).

Break: A squirrel comes and stares at me from a few feet away. We gaze at each other for full many a second… Now is nice..

Just returned after a morning walk, in the park nearby…. Morning 5-45 saw the park full of people.. “Park Rules!  Avoid Cooking, Gambling, Eating, Football, Cycling…” says a sign board. Kids are playing football. Smoke rises from the choolaa-s outside some huts in the corner of the park. Men and women are powering their way, walking with vigor, overtaking others. Thankfully humans have no horns (as in cars), and so they don’t honk when they want you to move out of their way.  Two men pummel past me.. They are discussing (what else), “Propty”. One is telling the other “Saat-satthar, that’s all. 2 plus 1, two flats downstairs, one upstairs. If you take both downstairs, back to back, then you get a nice three bedroom. And do-teen gaadi bhee park kar sakte hain…”.

Oh yes, everyone seems to have do-teen gaadi. So it is, that even during a working day, working hours, cars are parked all over the place… Some have never moved… Like this old Mercedes parked nearby… I have not seen it stir in the last few days that I have been here… Its old… Does not look as if it has been dusted in ages… For all one knows, it has an old Ambassador engine inside… But outside, it’s Mercedes.

Foreign cars are plenty nowadays. Back in Delhi, some forty years ago, the only foreign cars (or most of them) were those that belonged to foreigners, Embassy folks. And they would have CD number plates (CD – Core of Diplomats)… And they rumor was that these cars enjoyed immunity from the rules of traffic law. They could commit any traffic offence, just as they pleased…

Now, that immunity seems to have been extended to all cars. All cars are CD (care-a-damn)… Many are ready for a road rage fight, anytime, anywhere…

Talking of fights, Dilli is now witnessing a great battle of intrigue as the nation gears up for the Presidential election… The stakes are high. The clash of swords has begun, and media is going hysterical… Summer madness… The day is hot as hell… Ah yes, Dilli is blazing… (Whereas it rained in Jodhpur yesterday, someone told me….)…. Outside Rashtrapathi Bhavan, of course, nothing has changed all these years… The roads are broad, traffic sparse, and well regulated. From the high perch of Raisina Hill, the view down the Kingsway (Rajpath) is breathtaking. You see the arch of India Gate. And right in the middle of the arch, you see the other arch, canopy, further away, where stood the statue of King George the Fifth, once upon a time… Now, its empty…. The view, nonetheless, is awesome… Here’s a picture, from the Net.

Powerside Dilli, the Presidential area, the Parliament side, the Ministries.. They are all as good as ever… Its the other side that seems to have gone to seed.

7:30 am now… The Sun is arriving in office… There is a lull in the atmosphere… The mood of glares is building up… On your marks now, for the daily CD (Cat n Dog) game…

Talking of which… The word CD brings fear to some, and cheer to many, in the power politics of Dilli… Periodically, a CD will find its way to the media and public attention. It will contain some real CD (seedy) stuff. Some high-flying muscle-flexing politician will be hurled down from his heavenly orbit. Another fallen one, will rise again…

So it follows, as the D the C.


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  1. Srinivasa Says:

    Wonderful! This picture was taken by you?

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