A Sunday dip in the ocean of Kanchi – 1

It was a Sunday, some four months ago…

Good fortune beckoned, and one could visit a few temples in Kanchpuram… Here is the first one….

A well tended lawn leads the approach to the temple…


Stepping into the temple, one sees the flag staff – the dhwaja sthambha


We have walked into a temple that was built over one thousand two hundred years ago.

This is the temple that was known as Tiru Paramesvara Vinnagaram…. Better known now as Vaikuntta Perumal temple, this is one of the 108 Divya Desams.

What a glorious treasure Kanchipiram is! There are hundreds of temples in Kanchipuram, each of which is in reality a gem of world heritage.  This temple where are now, the Vaikuntta Perumal Koil, is sheer poetry in stone. It is one of those, which captures you in its folds, completely swallows you, takes you to timelessness… As you walk around, you just bask in silent wonder…

Lets take a short tour, shall we…


The temple was built by the Pallava King, Nandivarman II, who ruled in the eighth century AD. It is in three levels. The ground level has the sanctum of Lord Vishnu, who is in the standing pose. The first level above has Lord Vishnu in sitting pose, and the top level has the Lord in the reclining pose. The upper two levels are opened for worship only on special days.

A young priest, the very picture of piety, welcomes us and takes us to have Darshan of the Lord. There are hardly any visitors today. We have the temple, and the Lord to ourselves… What a joy!

After Darshan of the Lord, we walk around the praakaaram…


The pradakshina path is a song in stone…


What can one say about this temple… Neither words, not photos can convey  the glory of this divine abode… You must visit and see for yourself…. What exquisite sculptures, murals….

I leave you with some pictures…  Click on the picture to expand… Enjoy





What a monument! 8th century AD! More than a thousand years old! Isn’t it incredible that we have hundreds, if not thousands of such great architectural wonders in India, with most in South India! Imagine if Europe or America had even one of these… What a tourism draw they would have made it to be….

And here? I leave you with a picture of the temple pond… Which would have once had water.


** To be continued **


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3 Responses to “A Sunday dip in the ocean of Kanchi – 1”

  1. Ravi Chandhiramouli Says:

    Absolutely AWESOME. Verily transports one to the temple itself. The pictures are mind blowing Kamesh. And to think all this was 1200 years back is simply…..what can one say. I guess you said it all. No words are adequate.

    Thanks so much. Keep the blogs coming.

  2. Ravi Chandhiramouli Says:


  3. Krishnan Says:

    Thks very much. Toi Sunday 29/7 also showed pictures of hoysala temple in Hassan kar. Very nice. Pl continue. Krishnan

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