BD Dilli

Ho jee! Back home to BD – Baajigar Dilli!

Morning….. Walk into the neighborhood park…

The Sun is just about peeping out… The park is filling up… The first-comers are first-serving themselves with nature’s health tonic… You would be forgiven if you think of the park as a forest glade set in the times of Ashoka, the Dear of the Devas.

As one walks on, the times move in fast-forward… The park fills up…. Its BD Dilli – Bindaas Dilli… Elders and middle aged folks are out  to stake their claim in the time-space of morning-park… Groups of like minded men and women, walking, exercising, making sounds, in gangs…

‘Hooddu Maarnee jee’, is the Bindaas greeting… “Maarnee, maarnee” the response, as folks chug past each other… For all the huffing and puffing regimen, the well endowed figures seem quite immune to suggestion… But one cannot fault them for not trying…. And in such matters, they throw modesty to the wind… Besharam Dilli…

One man is hopping sideways…. Another is doing Bhastrika, making persistent sounds like a coal fired railway engine of yore running at full speed… A group of elderly women have spread out bedsheets on the lawn and are doing loud-laughter exercise…. A Tarzan comes running from the opposite direction, steamrolling any group coming in his way. There are folks standing still, staring at the Sun, hands cupped in worship… A man is doing some spot maneuvers, and has his cell phone loudly playing Ramacharitamaanas songs… A group of ladies discussing world’s most favorite topic – food, and sharing world’s most favorite information – gossip “Woh na! Nuthing she makes, haan! Garmi mein Ttanda (cold drink), and Sardi mein Chai-biskut.. bus… that’s all..”… Elderly men discussing “Passion”…. Another twosome talking of “redoing the whole praapty”….And one group of elderly men, all very Northy, all very earthy, with one man releasing choice info to others “Tomorrow my saali is coming…”, and the others spontaneously congratulating him “Oye! Mubaarkaan! Mubaarkaan”… I love this Dilli… Badtameez Dilli 🙂

Meanwhile the Sun has emerged… From behind the tree in the corner of the park, the view is so nice…



Dilli O Dilli Beautiful Dilli!



2 Responses to “BD Dilli”

  1. Srinivasa Says:

    what kind of Dilli is this – no farts, no scratching of inappropriate parts 🙂

  2. Ravi Chandhiramouli Says:

    ohjeee…..mazaa aagaya….thussi aisey likthey jaoji

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