Muruganar Song – 1

Its been a while since the last post… Thought I’d share something different this time.

This winter, during the Margazhi month, I heard some Ramana Music… Target being Ramana Tiruvembavai, the morning songs, written by Muruganar Swami. It would be no exaggeration to say that Muruganar is a poet par excellence. In fact, he is a sage-poet, very much in the same mould as the Nayanmars, the great Tamizh Saiva saints. And he chose to model himself along the lines of the greatest poet among them, Manikkavacagar.  He came to Ramana Maharshi in the early 1920s. Even on first sight, he was swallowed whole by Ramana. And then onwards, till his last breath, flowed an unbroken Ganga of songs in Tamizh, all conforming to the prosody and mood of ancient Saiva poetry. He, all by himself, wrote more than 30,000 songs on the theme of Sri Ramana and his teachings…

Sharing a song in this post… I heard this in the CD “Ramana Sannidhi Murai – 12”, of Ramananjali Group (click here for website)

This song is titled “Aattinaal aaroruvar”… In the CD, the song has been sung in traditional Pan style, by Dandapani Oduvar. The song is set in Tirutthaandaga Pan, corresponding to modern Harikambodi raga

In this post, sharing first the words of the song in Tamil, then the audio recording of the song… Followed by an English translation of the song – as composed by the great devotee Prof K Swaminathan (Chief Editor of Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi_

The song conveys the absolute necessity of Sadguru (Venkata)Ramana’s grace, for one to become enlightened. The song itself has four paras. In this post, and song, the first para is covered.

The song in Tamil:


திருத்தாண்டகப் பண்

ஆட்டினா லாரொருவ ராடா தாரே
யடக்கினா லாரொருவ ரடங்கா தாரே
ஊட்டினா லாரொருவ ருண்ணா தாரே
யுறக்கினா லாரொருவர் ருறங்கா தாரே
வாட்டினா லாரொருவர் வாடா தாரே
வாழ்வித்தா லாரொருவர் வாழா தாரே
காட்டினா லாரொருவர் காணா தாரே
காண்குநரார் வேங்க்டவர் காட்டாக் காலே

Now the song…. Its an old audio recording… Step up the youtube volume….

The meaning in English:

Power of Grace

Who will not dance when made to dance?
Who will not rest when made to rest?
Who will not eat when fed
Or sleep when put to sleep?
Who will not pine when made to pine?
Who will not thrive when made to thrive?
Who will not see when made to see?
But who can see when Venkata
Does not reveal (the Truth)?


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