Messenger Krishna

On Feb 3, 2013, there was a celebration of centenary of Justice KS Venkatraman ICS, at Chennai. Justice KSV was a highly respected Jurist, who retired as a Judge of the High Court of Madras. He was also a great connoisseur of art – music, drama, upanyasa…

The event was held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and was attended by a packed audience. A report on the event can be seen in this link of Mylapore Times (Click here for a pdf copy of the paper)

As a part of the event several eminent Jurists shared their tributes. There was also short sessions of music, drama and story telling…

Yours truly was given the task of “story telling”… The topic given was “Krishnan Dootu” – from Mahabharata. This is set in the Udyoga Parva, where Krishna comes to Hastinapura as an emissary, a messenger of Pandavas, to broker peace with Kauravas. Its a long and fascinating series of scenes, and Justice KSV was very fond of this…

To cut to the story, giving below a youtubed upload of the recording of the story-telling (upanyasa). As the whole episode could not be covered in half an hour, one conveyed a snap shot of three scenes… First is when Krishna comes to Duryodana’s palace, on a courtesy call. Second is the Vishwaroopam that Krishna takes, when Duryodhana tries to capture him. Third, is the message that Kunti sends for her sons, through Krishna.

Athato… krishna jigyaasaa…


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4 Responses to “Messenger Krishna”

  1. ramey Says:

    great listening your commentary… i believe describing Vishwaroopam was the best!!!!

    all the best!!!

  2. Shival Says:

    Out and out superb, Kameshji. Thank you :).

  3. Nithya Says:

    Sangeetam theriyalaye enbadu oru kuraiya?? Kurai onrume illai

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