Muruganar Song – 2

Sharing another song of Muruganar….

This song too is from Ramana Sannidhi Murai.

The song was recorded in a CD series of Ramana Sannidhi Murai brought out by Ramananjali Group (Click here for website)

In this recording, the song has been sung by Arutkavi Sadhuram Swamigal. He was a great Muruga Bhakta, and a disciple of Vallimalai Swamigal, a sage whose being was dedicated to Muruga Bhakti, especially to the great Thiruppugazh composed by Arunagirinathar. Vallimalai Swamigal himself considered Ramana Maharshi as his Guru (Click here for link to details about Vallimalai Swamigal). Of his first meeting with Ramana Maharshi, Vallimalai Swamigal saidI joined the crowd that was waiting to have the Darshan of the saint. After a while, the sage appeared from inside the Ashram. He was standing there in his characteristic loincloth with a staff (danda) on his hand. I saw him and he looked at me intently. Suddenly, I felt that the very Palani Andavar was standing gracefully before me. I felt this was Palani Andavar’s way of answering my prayer. I felt an inexplicable wave of power passing through my entire physique. In a moment of extreme bliss, tears trickled down my face.

His disciple was Sadhuram Swamigal, a picture of complete piety. He would visit Sri Ramanasramam often. He sang the songs of Tiruppugazh ever so soulfully. Such is the wonder of Indian tradition, that sages arise, revive, propagate, and ensure the perpetual flow of  spiritual traditions that the mainstream system ignores and  keeps away. Thiruppugazh, the great songs of Murugan, are now sung by ever so many devotees…

This post is about a song by Muruganar. The song is about Ramana Maharshi, his master. The song has four verses. I am giving below two of them, which have been sung by Sadhuram Swamigal. An English translation of the two verses is also given below the Tamil verses. The translation is by another namesake of Lord Muruga, Professor Swaminathan, the great teacher,  social worker, and compiler of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi. Professor Swaminathan was a great devotee of Ramana Maharshi. I remember that he once told me that he sees Ramana, as seen in Muruganar’s poetry.

Here’s the song…


நிறையலாற் குறையொன் றில்லை
நினைபலான் மரப்பொன்  றில்லை
பிறையலாற் கண்ணீ யில்லை
பெதலாற் கடிவ தில்லை
மறையலாற் பேச லில்லை
மாணடித் தொண்டர் நெஞ்சம்
உறையுளாக் கொண்டு நம்மை
யுடையவேங் கடவ னார்க்கே.
இசையலால் வசையொன் றில்லை
யெங்குமாய்ப் பரந்த வெட்டுத்
திசையலால் வாகு வில்லை
செயுங்குணச் செம்பொன் மேரு
மிசையலா விருக்கை யில்லை
விளங்குசிற் றம்ப லத்துள்
அசைவிலா தாட வல்ல
வடிகள்வேங் கடவ னார்க்கே.

Perfection of the Form

Without a single fault, Perfection
Never forgotten because ever remembered,
Never the crown without the crescent,
Destroying nothing  but ignorance,
This is Venkata who dwells
In the hearts of his devoted servants.

Praise of his and never blame,
The quarters Light and nothing else
His shoulders, nothing but the summit
Of golden Meru is his throne,
This Venkata who twin feet dance
In stillness of the shining heart-space.



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