Sivaratri 2013


Arrived here, evening today….



First of the four-times Pooja being offered at Ramanasramam…



Setting off for Giri-Pradakshinam now…

Signing off this post with a view of the sunset from Arunachala hill…

Pictures taken on cell phone… Pardon that…



Om Nama Sivaya!

Now, to walk around Siva!

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2 Responses to “Sivaratri 2013”

  1. Ravi Says:

    Cell Phone or Nikon / Canon SLR does not matter – the majesty of the sun set is just awesome. Thank you. Made my day as I get up to the beautiful scene of Bhagawan on a rock with his stick and in the dakshinamurthy pose and then I see this sun set……Om Namah Shivaya – Namo Ramana…………..

  2. S.Krishnasamy Says:

    excellent. thk u

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