Saadaa Dilli – 3

Sunday evening!

Last evening in Dilli, this trip… Time to say Goodbye to the MeraBharatMahaan Park….

Oh yes! This park sure represents a nice cross-section of urban India… Consumer Marketing folks can test market their products here, and model consumer demand for the rest of the Metro… Election Surveyors can get a good sample here for their Poll predictions…. And Law makers can get a good understanding of how they are faring…. Ha! You are wondering about the last one?


The local Govt body has put up this board…  Right at the entrance.




The rules ask us to avoid some things… Lets see how we fare in terms of implementation of these rules…

1) Avoid Cooking:  Generally complied with…. One doesn’t see people cooking. But then again, there is a small jhuggie colony at one corner of the park…. They live there…. Among other things, they need to cook…. Now, how can one say ‘no’ to that?

2) Avoid Cycling:  Generally complied with…. But young kids do bring in small bicycles…. Cute little bicycles… Now, how can one say ‘no’ to that?

3) Avoid Football: Not complied. Flagrant and rampant non-compliance…. Several football games are going on right now… Kids are enjoying themselves playing football all over the place… Now, how can one say ‘no’ to that? Then again, what they are playing is Soccer. Maybe the authorities are forbidding American Football, or Australian Rules football. Who is to say…

4) Avoid Cricket Playing: Not complied. A nice cricket match is in progress. With a tree as a wicket… Its tennis ball cricket though… So no one will get hurt… It’s fun…. Can one say ‘no’ to that….

(Commercial break: The Rules forbid only Football and Cricket… Not any other game… That’s wonderful! There are several games of badminton in progress. Frisbees  are flying and landing here and there like UFOs. Some people are holding large rings, perhaps for performing “twist” or maybe for throwing… Some folks are practicing High Jump… So it goes….)

5) Avoid Gambling: Complied… How does one make out if someone is gambling though… Some folks do seem to be playing cards… Looks like a nice family picnic… Sure looks like no one is gambling… Safe to bet on that….

6) Avoid dogs inside the park:  Complied! Many stray dogs are ensuring that other dogs do not come inside the park… Bow Wow Wow ! And more Bow!

All right… No dogs… But what is this?


Ha! Monkeys! Now, there’s no rule forbidding that! Monkeys fearlessly walking around…. They are not harming anyone… Just having an evening walk in the local park…

Now tell me…. How can one say ‘no’ to that?



5 Responses to “Saadaa Dilli – 3”

  1. S Venaktesh Says:

    Kamesh, enjoyed reading through the 3-part series!

  2. suku aka chet Says:

    d triology ends!!!!!
    nice reading

  3. Shival Says:

    In the first picture, if one doesn’t pay attention to the full-stop ‘.’, then chances are, the board is suggesting to ignore rules and regulations “kindly”. 🙂

  4. Aparna Hari Says:

    Hello Kamesh-ji,

    Went through your blog and had a great time with your humor, creativity, depth, poetic expression and light-heartedness. Learnt much about places in Tamilnadu, near chennai and places near Bangalore and delhi. While going through your Himalayan trip, I relived our recent trip to Himalayas, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Joshimath and Ganges.

    But, I could not make out if you are a parivrajaka between delhi, chennai and bangalore, or if you are stay put in one place 🙂

    Best wishes,

  5. gkamesh Says:


    Thank you!

    Parivrajaka…. Peripatetic… How one wishes…

    Sivananda, Sivananda, Sivananda hoon! Har haal mein, al mast sachidaanand hoon!

    Best wishes

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