A Birds Eye View

Happy Rama Navami!

Chalo, lets take a walk around Sri Ramanasramam!



Hello! Anybody there?

Thats the gate to Kurangu Thottam (Monkey Garden)… A kind of Kishkinda…



Ok…. The gate is locked… On Rama Navami days, the monkeys are offered a special feast here… I am not sure they will like any birds around…

These two fellows sitting near the well are guarding the area..


Let’s hop on to another wall…



This is nice….

Lets snoop around….



Love the feel of thatch under the feet…

This is the dining hall…. Human folks have a feast here…

Lets fly along….

Ah, the Old Hall…. The meditation hall…



Shall we take a peek across the roof?


A hop, skip and jump…

Whoa! What do we have here!




The Ramanasramam temple!

There is a Lord in the temple, who meditates on Rama, and dances…


The Dancer!

He’s my kind of guy! What joy!

All right… Let’s move on to the peacock grove….

And lets dance too.




Sree Rama Jayam! Jai Hanuman!

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  1. S.Krishnasamy Says:

    iF ONE THINKS OF sRI rAMA/lORD sRI rAMANA, our imagination will rise to good & great & wonderful heights like KambaRamayanam & Raghuvamsam. Sir beautiful kalpana sakthi & excellent Photos on this RamaNavami day. Thanku. Heartfelt Thanks.

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