A smart phone story

I was in the new terminal at Chennai last Sunday evening, waiting to board a flight to Mumbai.

The new terminal was in Production, but was quite WIP. Reminded one of a system that has cut over to “Live” operations, behind schedule, but on some revised target date, with the basic functions working, but the system at large still in waiting. The view out to the front was nice, and the Trishulam Hill looked very pretty.

After I boarded the flight, I received a call… From the cab driver in Mumbai… I explained to him that I was yet to take off. Having tied that up, had a rather routine flight, and landed in Mumbai around 8 pm or so.

Got into the cab, made a few calls, and settled down for the long ride to the hotel.

The phone sang. Sounded like my phone. And then I realized it was the cab driver’s phone. I had recently bought a Samsung Grand, and was slowly structuring my world in it… And the cab driver had a Samsung Grand too, and the default ringtone was same….

Making conversation, I told him that I too had a Grand, and we warmed up. We both agreed that it was a “badia” phone. I was curious as to what he was having such a “smart” phone for. And so I gently asked him, “What features are you using?”

There was a pregnant silence, and then he delivered… Twin punches… “Aah! Wohi! Email, Facebook wagera! But sir, 3G signal all the time kaam naheen karta!”

Had this been the panel room of IPL on TV, Navjot Paaji Siddhu would have gestured to the drummers, saying “Thoko! Thoko!”

Then the driver dropped the next punch…

“Grand bahut useful hai sir. Specially naa, the navigator… Saaraa direction clear-clear bata deta hai!”

“Absolutely!” said I.

“Haan sir! Specially, when outstation trip mein.. Very useful!”

He was actually speaking my mind!

I said – “Yes! I too found it particularly useful when  I drove out to Bengaluru!”

He responded – “But sir! Mumbai mein navigator ko ‘traffic mode’ mein laga do, then you can also know ki kahan-kahan traffic high hai!”

This was too much… I am not sure if this traffic congestion information is available in Chennai…

As if reading my mind, he said “Saare city mein naheen aayaa hai… Mumbai mein hai… Very useful sir!”

This chap was much ahead of me….

We had entered the Bandra-Worli sea link, and enjoyed that drive in silence…

As we turned into Worli, he said something. For a moment I did not realize that he was speaking to me… Then it registered… And I thought, this is a knockout punch.

He has said to me – ” – “Lekin sir! Battery bahut khaati hai, hai na?”

That was exactly my peev about the device… Damn thing drank battery charge like there was no tomorrow… And I vehemently agreed….

Before he could move on and give me more Gyan, I had to recover some territory. So I lectured him on privacy issues in Android, virus issues, and Android vs iOS etc… He listened, in silence, like the Goddess of Justice wearing blindfolds and holding the weighing scales on even.

Then I told him that I could give him some tips on improving battery charge retention. Now he was interested, and one scale dropped…. And when we reached the hotel, he handed me his Grand, and asked me to teach…

Smartphone! Zindabad!

Someone tell IBM pl… Its a smarter planet already!

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  1. S Venaktesh Says:

    Good one, Kamesh!

  2. Chitra Says:

    🙂 Nice!

  3. Ranga Says:

    Samsung has a readymade script for their next Ad..!

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