Last month in Delhi… At Lodhi Gardens…

I went to a particular walking path which is lined by a nice growth of trees, thick with leaves… This has been a favorite place for me… Thirty years ago, I used to come here many an evening…. Half an hour or so before sunset, the trees here would come alive with bird sounds… Hundreds of birds would settle themselves in this grove and chatter away till the sun went down, after which the thicket would fall silent….

Now thirty years later… When I went there, the song was still on… God knows how many generations of birds had carried on this chatter in the grove…

Managed to catch some of the chatter in my cell phone…

Join the audience… The still picture in the backdrop is one of the tombs in the garden… Lit up in the evening…

Play, and catch the song….


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  1. poorna Says:

    The birdsong is very energising and enchanting. 🙂 . Well captured!

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