Aksharamanamalai – in English verse

Namo Ramana!

Among Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s compositions, Aksharamanamalai occupies a unique place. A Tamil work of sublime spirituality, the verses have the power of Veda Mantra. They are revealed words that Bhagavan Ramana, as a Maharshi, saw, and shared with the world of devotees of the One!

This year, 2014, happens to mark a hundred years since this work was revealed to the world. Sri Ramana composed this in 1914 AD, during the course of one circumambulation of Arunachala!

To mark this centenary, Ramana centres all over India, and perhaps the world, are having various festive events. Ramana Maharshi Centre of Learning, Bengaluru held an event in Feb 2014 where over 500 people sang Aksharamanamalai. The song itself has been translated by other devotees into several Indian languages, and they were all sung in part during this event, which also marked 500th performance of Ramananjali, a music troupe that focuses on Ramana Maharshi compositions

This blog writer had the privilege and blessing of translating the holy song into Hindi, some years ago. And now, in this centenary year, he had the great honor of translating the song into English. He presented this during a seminar of Ramana Centre, Bengaluru in early April 2014. He presented this once more during the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Ramana Kendra, New Delhi, which was held in end April, 2014.

he Ramana Kendra, New Delhi has recorded and shared videos of all the talks held during the event. One of them was this blog writer’s presentation as well… Sharing the youtube of that presentation… Aksharamanamalai, in English… Set to the same metre as the original Tamil song… In rhyme… So that it can be sung in English, just as the original Tamil treatise…

Needless to say, any merit in the translation is solely due to the power of the original, to the grace of Sri Ramana… And all shortcomings are entirely mine…

With your indulgence, presenting Aksharamanamalai in English, in song format… The RamanaKendra, New Delhi video… Starts with a few minutes of intro and talk… And then the song begins…



Happy that today happens to be the day the wedding of Madurai Meenakshi Amman and Lord Sundareshwara is celebrated. The divine parents of Ramana Maharshi!

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya!


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  1. S Kameswaran Says:

    Dear Sir! Amazing to hear the translation. Thank you very much. Your last but before post was on Apr-14(Bhagavan’s Nirvana day- as per English calendar). The last one was Apr-27(Nirvana day as per thithi) and this was on the thiru-kalyanam day of the God and Goddess of Madurai. What more is needed to demonstrate that everything has Bhagavan’s touch(grace) in it…Namo Ramana!

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