Arunachala – a moment of magic

This was yesterday, 24th May 2014. Two days after Mahapuja at Ramanasramam.

I was doing Girivalam (Giripradakshinam, Parikrama, Kora… the walk around Arunachala mountain)…

It has been raining last few evenings. Pretty sharp squalls. Trees had been flattened here and there. More of the same was expected on 24th as well.. But here we were…Proceeding on the walk around the Arunachala hill.

We were a group of nine people. It was Ekadashi thithi (eleventh day of lunar fortnight.. Sacred day) . One of the members of our group was Vandana, a young lady who I had met during my Maanasa-Kailasa Yatra. She had come with a family group, and all of them had completed the whole kora.

This was her first visit to Arunachala.

I recalled to her that the second day of Kailasa kora, the most grueling day of the Kailasa girivalam, had also been on Ekadashi… And so this Arunachala kora felt special too.

Akin to walk up Dolma La pass in Kailasa, was our walk up to Skandasramam and Virupaksha cave earlier in the day. And then, come evening, we started on Girivalam around 5-45 pm. The day had been very hot. It was the period of Agni Nakrshatram – the Tamil word that signified a period of burning-hot days… As we have to walk barefoot during the parikrama, we had to start when the Sun was going down, so that the tar-road would be bearable to the bare soles…

As we walked, at one stage we could sense the fragrance of far-off-rains. Sporadic lightnings gave hints of another squall to come.. As the sky darkened, I halted at a spot on the road, from where one could get a nice view of Arunachala. With my cell phone (a Samsung grand) I took a photograph of Arunachala against the night sky. And after clicking, I just opened the gallery to see how the picture had come..

And what I saw blew me away… One saw a steak of light from the sky, like a comet, going right into the heart of Arunachala… The spiritual heart, which as Ramana Maharshi has explained, is to the right…

All I can say is that I saw no streak of light in the sky. I saw it only in the picture. Perhaps there is some physical explanation for this… It may be a reflection of some light on the camera lens, maybe.. Who knows.. But it is magical…

As soon as I saw it, I shared it on whatsapp with a few close people…

And now, sharing it in this blog …I have cropped and cut off the lower quarter of the original picture.. Else the photo remains completely untouched…





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8 Responses to “Arunachala – a moment of magic”

  1. PK Sesh Says:

    Incredible. Certainly couldn’t have been lightning. And the picture is breath-taking. Thanks for sharing.. Sesh

  2. Meenakshi Ramji Says:

    The camera sees what we don’t ??? You are blessed.

  3. Ravi Chandhiramouli Says:

    Absolutely awesome. Nano Ramana. Thiruchitrambalam.

  4. Thiru Says:

    Divine Rays. Incredible picture. These are the things that can’t explained and best enjoyed unexplained.

  5. S. Kameswaran Says:

    Sir! This is certainly not lightning, Amazing to see….The divine rays are always there in many dimensions radiating in a subtle form. May be that is why Bhagavan said Arunachala as heart of the earth. Perhaps in a millionth fraction of a second, your camera was able to capture it..Who knows… Thank you for sharing. Namo Ramana!

  6. Ghatotkacha Says:

    Wonderful, dear Soota! Might I add:
    What matter whence the streak of light emanates
    Or whether it comes by design or by chance
    ‘Tis enough that the light arrows towards mystic Arunachala
    ‘Tis enough that it illumines, blesses, enchants…


  7. Rajam Says:

    Beyond perception ! Thanks for sharing

  8. Lyse Says:

    Thank you for sharing this it is inspiring. Can you please post the un-cropped photo…?

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